Saturday, March 26, 2011

Little Miss likes to be by grandma
all the time
up my ----
right behind me
asking questions
wanting me to look at this
and look at what I did
yesterday she wanted to draw
took out a piece of watercolor paper from the closet
and began drawing
then went on to use my computer paper
she's such a writer
and an artist
I hope she uses it all
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  1. Wonderful, she is blessed by a loving Grandmother, who incidenatlly has been far to quiet recently.................

  2. Precious. So sweet. Oh, I love her smile. She looks like a fun young gal. Enjoy!

  3. smiles. my son loves to draw and write fantastic stories...

  4. I love the curiosity and imagination of a child...especially when they are your very own GrandLove.
    Lil Miss is adorable. She's going to write as lovely as her Grandma someday.

  5. Such a gorgeous girl. To write and draw is to be encouraged; what a wonderful grandmother you are as I was never allowed to 'waste' paper!

  6. Nothing like the creativity of a child. So raw, so innocent, so real and right there. And lucky you to be able to have then all together. I think that I would follow them wherever they moved. Heck...I AM!

  7. What a perfect smile of confidence she has! If a picture paints a thousand words, some of those words would be "happy childhood!"

    Thanks for your comments today, Suz. Actually it would be two glasses of wine...and yes, I've had my moments! :)

  8. A chip off the old block that one!

  9. i can't tell which of you is happier!

  10. She's so sweet, Suz !
    Nice week,

  11. What a face. You're giving me some serious grandchild envy here.

  12. What a cutie! I had such wonderful grandparents -- it made all the difference in my life. Lucky you, having the family together now.

  13. What a doll...aren't grandkids the greatest? We are blessed! Yay for another artist/creator!
    XOXO Connie


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