Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sometimes it's hard to shake off gloom. Especailly when it unfolds daily before me on the TV and radio. The suffering in Japan is infecting me with tremendous sadness, frozen in reflection. Why?

 I just let myself feel it. But the fact that now the bodies are showing up, I imagine all those families,the babies and children,all those lovers,all those beautiful lives gone.
I have donated, I have prayed, I have spent time in meditation.
but still a malaise

But yesterday a little girl at the grocery store was a circle of light to me.
She looked over at me while I was feeling the tomatoes and just smiled,
smiled a wide toothy smile and said "Hi"
no awareness of sadness,just friendliness
Her mother quickly pulled her away apologizing.
For what? what? I thought
for being a beacon on light in my dreary afloat being?
To me she was...all brightness and cheer
This little act of this little girl
lifted me so much I came home lifted up
what more could I ask for

 Hope is in the world
in the most ordinary of places
We are sent what we need
when we least expect it ,as they say
 I bought myself 2 oxalis...shamrocks some call them
joy in pots with little pink flowers instead of the ordinary white

Today while I'm out I will make it a point to smile
with the confidence of a child....
maybe I'll be a beacon of hope to another kindred soul
who suffers under the weight of all this tragic news
may it be so

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  1. So true Suz, hope springs eternal and it comes in many guises, like that beautiful little smile you received.

  2. Thoughtful post, Suz. I'm struck by the reaction of the girl's mother. Why, I wonder, are we so quick to squelch kindness? Especially in children. Are we so fearful of their safety that we have to kill kindness, and innocence? What does that mother's reaction teach that child about being kind, friendly, and thoughtful in her future? That disturbs me...

    I, too, have been extremely moved by this Japan disaster. As I wrote, there are disasters somewhere everyday. But I still haven't quite wrapped my mind around this, and around what it is about this particular disaster that causes me more distress. I have an idea about the reason, but will defer to another time...

    Best to you, Suz.


  3. What a lovely thought, a shamrock and a child's smile to brighten our days.

  4. I have been feeling this too. The sadness upon sadness, then the feelings of helplessness as radiation spills out to the earth.

    Mr Rogers said that when explaining disasters to children, he advised "Look for the people who are doing good. Look for the people who are helping." And I loved that, and I live that.

    I think this little girl (mother aside) is that goodness. That in this wake of sadness you could find the good means that life is going on. That there is hope.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  5. This is beautiful Suz. A child's smile is so precious. now more then ever - to smile like a child is what we need to do to spread hope.

  6. A lovely little story of just what a little smile can accomplish.

  7. i love that little girl...we all need hope now...esp those in the forefront and those affected by this....

  8. Suz, hope you don't mind, but I referenced your post today....

  9. Lifting one another, we should do it every single day :)

  10. Of course Rick..and thank you
    for expressing your thoughts of sadness..
    And all my dear blogger friends, I know you were feeling this too, how could you not..you are all so good and kind and loving
    Now tonight I see on TV that they have evacuated the helpers from one reactor....too much radiation
    This is just unbelievably a nightmare for those dear people

  11. I bought two new shamrock plants this week for all the same reasons.

  12. Sweet Suz, I can so identify, I feel like I am having to burst through a cocoon of sadness and depression, I am ripping myself free! Yes hope and smiles and human kindness are the tools I will use and gratefulness, yes gratefulness for every single blessing in my life, even those that challenge me...oh and yes a few new plants for my garden, thank you very much!

    Love and peace to you,


  13. I recognize this little girl in the photo from Victoria Magazine. I must have every issue...still! And I know I am going to catch a bunch of shit when I don't want to throw them away. Hey...they are my inspiration, my ideas, my thought processes. Just like the girl you ran into at the store. Isn't that really what it's all about, Suz?? To smile, to enjoy the life we have AT THIS MOMENT because in reality NOW is all we really have. Good post. Good reminder. Thanks!

  14. Teri, you are probably right, I just cut and paste into my discovery journal..

  15. The symbolism of your grieving for Japan and the little girl are connected. When you and I were very young, a disaster in Japan could have been a reason for celebration.
    Now, with our world so accessible, and the exotic no longer alien, we realise; that little girl and a Japanese little girl are different only in the most trivial detail.
    We have come a long way... still a way to go, but every smile shortens the distance.


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