Wednesday, March 16, 2011

 "The Portuguese call it saudade:
a longing for something so indefinate as to be indefinable,
love affairs,
miseries of life,
the way things were,
people already dead,
those who left and the ocean that tossed them on the shores of a different land-
All things born of the soul
that can only be felt."

-Anthony De Sa (Barnacle Love)


  1. Wow Suz, you never fail to be so very interesting. Like it!

  2. John, I just knew my jottings in my journal of quotes and images that I love.. that stop me in my tracks..would come in handy
    I love both of these quotes..
    sharing is what blogging is all about

  3. Suz--Would you mind if I borrowed that photo with the quote to send to a friend? She lost her daughter a few years ago at a very young age and she just cannot seem to get past the pain and seems to retreat into her own world and not share ours. It was such a fantastic photo and quote!

  4. Oh Teri, I so feel for this poor woman. Yes, yes, take whatever you want...I give freely
    That is a photo of Illinois farm fields...desolate in winter
    We were on our way home.. and when I watched the fields (it was raining also) When I watched the fields as we passed by ..I connected to this barrenness...A part of me that exists inside...sometimes it needs airing out,ironing and put back clean on the shelf deep inside..I am not afraid of it..for it indeed fuels my journey

    blessings to you and for your good work and kindness toward others

  5. Language is so beautiful - the word and the poem that war written about the word.


    lovely, thank you!

  6. Thank you for sharing the beauty of this photo and these words combined.


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