Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Minced, Chopped or Crushed, Magpie Tale #56

Rub garlic on yourself
when you go to battle
Devour it
for speed,strength,courage and endurance
For it is bound to Mars and fire
Carry it over water
you will not drown
Place it in doorways
to ward off illness
and evil,werewolves and vampires
Place it under the pillows of your children
to protect them while they sleep

It can be sweet or assertive
depends on how you cook it
which ever way you like it
or eat it raw
Buy it firm,plump
Choose heavy heads with tight unbroken papery skins
heavier is better
Avoid dried out ones, ones with soft spots or mold
Green shoots are a sign of age
Resist prechopped, it has lost much of its power
but rather seperate a clove
  break the skin by
placing it on a cutting board and covering it
with the flat side of a chef's knife
push with just enough pressure to split the skin
remove the germ,the sprout in the center
Crush it for raw or quickly cooked garlic
Mince for pasta sauce,sauteed vegetables
Roughly chop for long cooking stews
every which way for good health and family meals
But did you know-?
...Legend says that when Satan was expelled from Eden,
 garlic and onion appeared in his footsteps
...Allium Sativum & Allium Cepa...
Evil becoming good for us.


  1. Garlic never had a poem written about it, as far as I know. Good stuff!

  2. I really like how we all take different paths for the same picture!

    viscous time

  3. I really enjoyed this, Suz, I didnt know about the Satan story, interesting!

  4. Great writing and very interesting. The only thing you missed is that if you are having a romantic evening you must ensure your partner eats it as well:)

  5. 'sweet .. assertive' I'll take it any way I can get it!

  6. Minced it for quinoa pilaf last night, in that garlic and onion appeared in Satan's footsteps...evil becomes good...and delicious...

  7. What more is there to say about the beloved garlic? I too had a word about Satan's footsteps!!

  8. We love garlic here at my house. My husband is Italian and early in our marriage I learned to love it.

  9. Garlic is so powerful - it gives us so many beautiful flavors, all depending on who you prepare it, how you treat it.

    You have treated it so beautifully here - a poem, a how to.


  10. Great description!
    I just had myself some roasted garlic hummus on flatbread....delish:)

  11. I love garlic - in almost any way. I'd never eaten the whole cloves before I accidentally got it on a pizza once - delicious!

  12. Great advice and information, tersely given.


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