Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sleep Naked

Thanks to all my dear blogger friends who weathered my
running of the mouth yesterday.

I truly was a rock in the tumbler.
Now the hard edges are all smoothed out,revealing the beauty and texture
of what waited exposure.
So many wonderful comments. I hope you who have commented
check out my comments to you,for even in that I learned
new things about my self and my direction

M.Heart, of
hit my guitar string just right, got me thinking
Yes, manifesting positive
attracting power and positivity

M.Heart knows about struggle,obstacles,healing,love and doubt
she knows the journey of life is about transition.
When she speaks, I listen.
She suggested to me that I needn't worry about
the missed class opportunity, if it comes to that, but rather to be open to something
more appropriate coming around the corner
"Life," she says,"has a way of working things out like that."

The working title of one of the books I have been working on,
....struggling through, is, Sleep Naked
It's sort of a memoir. I have lots to say about my journey thus far.
But the self exposure is agony...I chicken out all the time.
Guess that book is not ready yet... inside of me.
But she got me thinking
about another answer from the universe that happened two nights ago.
And when M wrote about something just around the corner,
I knew what it was,
 Not my, Sleep Naked book
Not the ghost/witch story I'm working through (oh the research)
No, it was something that came to me as I was talking to my dying friend the other night,
...a remarkable, wonderous, woman.
As we spoke about hospice, I told her how taking care of my dying aunt
had a profound effect on me. My aunt was virtually a bag lady.
But her journey at the end of her life was a miracle.
It wasn't easy bringing her and her cat into my home,
taking care of her 24/7. I still had a child in school .
But I loved her.

That's the story I am going to be working on.
thank you all, thank you M.
for pointing the way to receiving
yet another answer
And maybe it's the book I'll never submit anywhere,
but I think it is one I need to write..maybe part of the clutter
still there.....freeing me to really Sleep Naked


  1. Oh! This makes my day. You're most welcome Suz. And that sounds like a fascinating story to write, I know I would be interested in hearing more about it.

    As soon as I have a moment to write a proper blog post (tonight I hope) I will explain how I arrived at my "around the corner" philosophy as of late. Lots of news to share ; ) I'm glad that comment led to inspiration, but you know if started with your post inspiring me ; )

  2. M....a collective song of joy!
    ..glad I made your day
    ,,you made mine, yesterday

  3. nice...i need to go check this out...

  4. In being inspired you are inspiring Suz.

  5. Some days are like that, the rock tumbler days.

    What I have found is that there is often a struggle before a real breakthrough or creative idea. It's as though we are wresting with ourselves, our ideas, our place. And then, like a smooth stone, we become emerge in the right place and our ideas can take flight.

    These events feel like part of that uncomfortable journey, but I think it led you to this amazing story that needs to be told. I am glad!

  6. just liked the title..hee hee
    John of Helen...thanks
    Marion....I am shiny today..and you are so correct...the uncomfortable journey..and at my age!

  7. i like your writing very much.

  8. I like the idea that there are thousands of unseen helping hands leading us to a certain point. I love it that you thought you could/should do one thing but it's the story of your aunt that is shining through; this is the 'something just around the corner', the story you have been lead to.
    Oh, I wish I had your talent for expressing yourself, your talent for writing. Your last two posts have given me so much to think about.

  9. And one can always begin again . . .

  10. Marilyn, are you DO

    And Ms Vicki got me there
    again? again.
    begin again. you'll see
    it's easy

  11. Suz, I certainly understand what it feels like to have a 'rock tumbler' day. I hope you do finish the book about your aunt, and I'm hoping that it gets published, because it sounds like a book I would love to read.

  12. Oh many rocks out there been tumbled....that's a good thing,
    now we're shiny
    I am working on it today...and I am floating pure floating
    thanks so much Victoria


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