Friday, March 4, 2011

Manna of Joy

 I have partaken
of God's bread
manna from heaven
I was hungry
How could this be
in the midst of all this bounty?
It is the human condition
and I am very human
My will free
So I kept walking
and the soles of feet bled
looking for it
And I said to the sun
Why do you not warm me
on this winter day?
And the moon
What are you smiling at?
Can't you see I'm seperated
from where I want to be?
Then a wee small breeze
blew through the trees
like the touch of wings
and dropped feathers
in my hair so light
and soft
and I felt joy
then it happened
this manna


  1. Stunning. The words and the photo. I have been in the very place your words describe, and knew at that moment the rustle of the leaves and the caress of the air was meant for me...

  2. Bee...I like to call you that..
    and do you not seize up with joy?!

  3. This is so beautiful Suz.
    I love your words "Then a wee small breeze blew through the trees like a touch of wings..." - There is so much joy if we open our eyes and hearts and really see.
    Your photo shows me a world I have never truly experienced. Magic.

    Suz, I have cuddled wee Harriet, I have told her secrets that are just for her and me and I have gazed into her eyes and seen such beauty there.
    I can't imagine a world without her. I don't live close enough to see her day by day but not so far away that it would sadden me.

    How wonderful that you can Skype your grandchildren and see and hear their magic even though they live at a distance.

  4. Marilyn, doesn't she smell like a slice of heaven My little Finn is only 45minutes away
    Truly it is the soul's greatest for grandchildren
    wee harriet..I like the sound of that

  5. ..and dropped feathers in my hair, so light and, I found the tiniest white feather in my yard, so soft and clean that I thought to myself, it must be from an angels wings...and then I read this...thank you and hugs Connie

  6. Connie! oh how wonderful
    When we gather joy and not fret we feast on manna

    Meeta, thank you Hope you gather joy today too

  7. Grand! Manna-and I truly appreciate the form of your piece too! thanks.

  8. So glad to find the manna....gorgeous, Suz!!!!

  9. What a wonderful feast of words and images created by the words.

  10. Suz, yes! And I get covered with goose bumps realizing that it's all for me. PS: I like "Bee!" =-)


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