Thursday, March 3, 2011

Well,I did

Sometimes when I'm feeling so good, I sing
I have my favorites
and they are very varied
Today, this one kept running through my head
I first heard it in the movie, Lady in White,
a ghost story...the ghost puts this record on
So today this is the song that I sang and sang and sang
while making beds,cooking dinner,before American Idol
This version is song by Al Bowlly I believe around 1933
But who knows, tomorrow I may be singing, I Want to Know What Love Is

Did you ever see a dream walking?
Well I did
Did you ever hear a dream talking?
well I did

Did you ever have a dream thrill you
with    "Will you be mine?"
Oh it's so grand
        and it's too divine

Did you ever see a dream dancing?
Well I did
And did you ever see a dream romancing?
Well I did

Did you ever see heaven   right in your arms
saying,"I love you, I do!"
Well the dream that was walking
and the dream that was taling
and the heaven in my arms was you


  1. This reminds me of my dear departed Dad. He used to sing all sorts of songs, all of the time. This was one of them. Yesterday would have been his 49th wedding anniversary, had he lived.

    Thanks for the memory, suz.

  2. Suz, just too, too, odd. I haven't felt like writing much lately, then tonight I tried something a bit different. Just posted it, and noticed your blog was updated on my list. So, being one of my all time favorites, I just dropped in and damn! We've both posted dream stuff!

    How funny.... Love the music! If I ever learn how to post music clips I'll try.


  3. Ah Michael...I was an instrument bringing this song to you...
    who knew....It is a grand old song
    Now I miss him too
    Funny dad used to whistle....and I longed for him today with Tess' post today
    You never know when you will be an instrument of peace

  4. Wow Rick..what's with this universe stuff..fab-u-lous!
    I was a bit lethargic in the writing dept lately...resistance to exposure

  5. I don't know this tune at all but I love the idea of seeing a dream walking.

  6. Nothing better than reading your happy post. Great words to the song. My Dad used to whistle and he´d smoke his pipe, all these memories that make us feel all warm inside. Thank you.

  7. Marilyn...I love the end of the song when he brings it on home
    zowie! Check out the little ghost story...The beginning of the movie captures what it was like growing up in the late 50's and early 60's
    ah nostalgia....but the ghost is a child ghost.... :(

    John of Helen...(ha ha)
    Can you hear the guy tap dancing in the background...Oh to tap!
    A happy song....Bless all the good and loving dads that the world ever brought forth....they have blessed us all with loving children!

  8. Thanks for the smiles. You are my 11:11 sighting for today!

  9. Tess...11:11 Joy
    Now my eccentric aunt would have said...4...the number 4
    I like them both
    wow, to be a sighting...never happened to me before..thanks

  10. Hi Suz! Thanks for your visit. No, I am not a writer. I only wrote a few children stories about Trolls in Norway and I published them on my blog. But I think nobody thought them very special. Don't forget English is not my first language. You seem to me a real author! Am I right? I also like the song from long ago. The way singers sang before the war differs a lot with the way singers do now.

  11. i also keep humming a song through out the day when i get in the mode, like day before y'day i sang only time - Enya the whole day :D

    And yes i have been enticed by a dream, in the arms where even the dream seems real, but those arms are still far :)

  12. my mother tells me that I sang myself to sleep every night when I was a child. The house would be still and my family would hear me singing my own lullabyes! Thanks so much for the memory!

  13. Suz,

    It seems to me I may have first heard this song sung by a cartoon character from the 30s. I know it, and I sang and hummed it.


  14. Meeta, Enja? She is mystical, You must have a soul that wants to speak..sing sister sing

    Trulyfool...I would love to hear YOU sing or hum...pure gold Im sure

    Jody, thank you for stopping by..sit...What a precious child you were...How sweet your songs must have been..What a gift you were and are to your family..a precious daughter I have 2, and 1 granddaughter who sings and dances all the time..precious pricless gifts

  15. Oh my, Reader Wil..I missed your comment...Oh my again...Where can I read your Troll stories...I have a few tucked in my garden..maybe I can read to them (hee hee) on a summer night. I have always loved fairy stories...Yes, I do love the old songs of the 30-40's...before all hell broke out in the world
    Lighthearted songs of love
    I think story telling is in your veins...really You painted a picture for me today of your father out at sea and you children obeying him...I would love to hear more

  16. Perfect! I love this and may have even seen the movie years ago... it just sounds so familiar to me. Think I will put this on my sidebar or share it on Facebook...

    Thanks so much!



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