Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Magpie tale # 55, Agony

I hate the remorse the most.
Every time I have to feast to live, I betray.
But this one I truly loved. Trying to stay away from her
nearly drove me insane. But when she came to my door,
dressed in that strapless sundress, her neck white and supple
as a newborn babe, I knew in that instant, I could no longer protect her.
My ancestry has power over me that even I cannot control.
I thought it irony that she was wearing a sundress, the only time I cannot
truly be with her.
But the craving waits,waits until I can find her in the darkness of a moonlit night.
 I showed up at her door and confessed my love of her, took her into my arms
and caressed her slim beautiful body. In the moment that she expected me to enter her,
satisfying her desire, I sunk my teeth into her neck , my arousal awakened in full force, stronger than I had ever experienced it.  I drank until she collapsed  to death,moonlight shining brightly on her opened eyes.
I was filled with self hate,having satified my lust for my love.
But I cannot love like normal men,I can only survive.
I wish I could take this knife from the kitchen counter before I leave and kill myself, but mine is a life of no death.
All I can do is drop it on the counter, blood splattering onto lemons there,heartshaped drops of my deed, the only clue of my agony.


  1. Oh, you have mistery and gore all pent up here. Wonderful suspense too.

  2. p.s. I'm posting my fiction and poetry on a new blog of mine you might like to stop by. Check my profile for "notes and observations."

    I'd love to get your feedback.

  3. John, is that wow,good
    or wow,bad?

    Rosaria, I certainly will.
    I have thought of making a blog just for writings. Then I would have 3 blogs...yikes
    But I guess each one will reveal of side of me....you have me thinking on this

  4. Now here I am feeling sorry for him :) Great tale!

  5. Oh I like that...I wanted you to

  6. unrequited love, in any shape or form, is always tragic. In the case of a vampire, never a chance to truly love but only survive. I wonder what that says about humanity? What is most important...the love or the survival? Quite metaphorical, Suz, as you can read this as not just a "story" but as a metaphor about human nature in general.

  7. wow Teri, now you have me thinking

  8. Brilliant Suz! I loved it. x

    PS. you can never have too many blogs (says someone with many!)

  9. Suz, wow! Loved this tragic tale and the hearts drawn in blood, glad I am not the only one who saw that in the picture. I was feeling sorry for the vampire too!

  10. Susannah..
    .yes, you do have many...I try to get to them all...high maintenance though,huh?
    All that revealing of sides of yourself....I think it is fun...at lest someone out there in blogland cares....my family doesn't get blogging...HUH..but they don't get me entirely either....MOM! is what I hear most times...YOU SAID WHAT?!

    Oh Brigid..
    I saw blood...I was afraid of what might come forth..So I just let it flow...my vamp saw the hearts...hee hee
    poor fella...good women are hard to come by ..and he just offed his
    ;) Thanks for the comment

  11. Yikes..I'm turning on all the lights and putting on a garlic necklace!! Chilling...

  12. Oh Lyn...you're funny... thanks

  13. Poor vampire -- he always hurts the one he loves...

  14. When I saw that picture, I saw a fork that had strawberry juice on them next to a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
    Oh dear!

  15. Now, where did I put that silver cross?

  16. Dogwood..and I love you for it

    Tess..if anyone has a silver cross it would be you..Magpie Madonna

  17. A very chilling tale; doing what survival required him to do but hating himself. Well written.

  18. nicely played...i like the heart shaped droplets...nice touch.

  19. ,,, my ancestry has power over me that even I cannot control ,,,
    pretty powerful stuff!

  20. I like the heart shaped drops and the powerful emotions depicted here.

  21. I know so few vampires and rarely spend much angst on them but this one roused my sympathy. :) Excellent short!

  22. Ah, the remorse of the damned....does it do them any good?

  23. Why ms steviewren...that is an excellent question..I will have to file that one away

  24. Great write, sensual yearning, unexpected evils, longing to simply end the life that can't be ended.... strong piece.


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