Saturday, February 26, 2011

Madonna of the Magpies

Oh dear I found this surfing around yesterday
for another picture on the net
and I saved this one..because
hello....magpies and madonna
I saved it for our madonna of the magpies
only thing is....I don't know who to attribute it to
I thought I saved the site, but I can't find it
so enjoy it for the day my fellow magpiers
If you look closely the title is on the painting
Madonna of the magpies
looks a bit like Tess, don't you think?
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  1. LOL - it DOES look like Tess :)

  2. Great Pic Suz!

    (I like your blog white too, is it staying?)


  3. I rather like this painting. Unusual combination .... Madonna and magpies.

  4. If I know Tess, she'll find the provenance easily. A true find.

  5. oh i picked the right day to dsicover your blog! now i must seek the source of that wonderful image...because - well, look at my name...

  6. A beautiful painting! And a wonderful combination -- the Lady and the magpies.

  7. ha that is totally needs to hang in the manor...

  8. Oh Magpie, it is wonderful isn't it?
    I must learn more about magpies..they must be magical kind of birds
    But to be the madonna of to find out where I found it!
    Brian..It most definately must hang in the manor
    Rosaria, I'm certain the good Lady of the Manor will find it... is
    Marilyn, I did think it quite beautiful..and I wasn't searching Magpie or Madonna's either...

  9. Great pic, Suz, it definitely belongs in the manor.

  10. Oh my gosh. Where on earth did you find this? It IS me!! And surrounded by Magpies, too. L.o.v.e. it.

  11. The artist's name is Ayse Gilbert and she lives in Alaska

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