Thursday, February 24, 2011

magpie tale , Revealed

Magpie # 54


Life had been a series of puzzle
pieces,scattered,turned around,
ill fitting,missing jigsawed days
until the right one of me
emerged and looked at the bigger picture
Then every bit of it fell into place,
interlocking,revealing a why for every piece
Not one left in the box



  1. I love this! I wonder if I'll discover that my pieces actually have a meaning & fit together?

  2. Quite profound Suz, as usual....

  3. Wonderful and elegant piece..can only have been written by one who has lived life!

  4. Amazing write. I was right with you, life is but a series of questions, that could be seen as puzzle pieces. I didn't realize the answers would come, and it would all fall into place. I thought it remained a series of unanswered questions.
    I will wait....perhaps the answers are on the way....but what about the mystery? If all the pieces fall into place and no pieces unclaimed in the box? Is it too much to ask? Food for thought, loved each word!

  5. Bug.. they do..thanks for your kind words

    John you are too kind..but I love it

    Lyn...oh yes, and it took quite a while before all of it revealed its purpose Thanks..elegant? wow

  6. Oh Annell...ha ha
    no, no pieces ,good or bad, left
    unclaimed....they all fit
    making me who I am
    and this does not take the mystery of life "yet to live" away
    hug you for your comments always

  7. It is all these questions that makes life interesting...

    scattered with the wind

  8. How lovely to reach completion and be happy. I like this, very much.

  9. jabblog...we're always a work in progress..but yes, I am happy
    thanks for the comment

  10. It's great when all the pieces come together...

  11. Hello Trellissimo, thank you for the comment and yes it is great
    too bad this is fiction ;)

  12. Oh Suz, I love this.

    'missing jigsawed days
    until the right one of me
    emerged and looked at the bigger picture'

    Great Magpie! x

  13. Sometimes we just can't make sense of it until years later and then it makes perfect sense. Wonderful Magpie.


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