Friday, February 11, 2011

another page

I haven't placed anything in my discovery journal in a long time.
Pictures,phrases,quotes,art..or whatever I have collected along the way that spoke to me-
sometimes collaging bits and pieces of this one
Browsing through my books (I have 4 journals of discovery) I came upon a few that spoke to me
right now

Your dreams are waiting---------get gutsy
yep...that's the one
avoidance can only take you so far
if the dream is real



  1. right, there is no reason to play small. get gutsy, i like it!

  2. I like it!

    I have lots of journals too.. ones I write in, ones I stash inspriation in.. They are my soul on paper!

  3. I want to believe that, Suz! How does a woman get her gutsy back? Teach me!! :-)

  4. It's why my email address is 'live bold' .. I also wear it on a silver bracelet .... movement is what it's all about!

  5. Dreams and gusty.
    Great words.

  6. Why Helen...indeed, the only way to live ...only wished I had found that out much sooner in my life..say 20

  7. yes, they are still waiting, aren't they.
    thank you, for the sweet reminder. and thank you, for being you. you warmed my heart, each step of the way.

  8. Get gutsy! I love it. Makes me want to write a rap. Or have my students do it. We could all sing it to get us going - running toward our goals.

  9. I have a confession of sorts. I'm afraid to have a journal like this?

  10. the word *wait* has been THEE word for us, now going on 11 months. tonight i'm thinking instead of waiting being inactivity, it may be that our dreams have been waiting!!! mmmmmmmmm....


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