Friday, February 11, 2011

Magpie Tale #52..WAITING

Ah,Tess, this photo calls to me, you outdid yourself
What a good eye, what wonderful composition
what heart strings you have played
A regular Rockwell you are
Now, to see what bubbles up


I bought the house. The one on Peace Pipe Lane.
The one that is so narrow you can hardly pass to the back without going single file.
I just had to have this painted green brick house with the cream colored trim when I saw it. 
The red brick chimney sealed the deal.
I became aware of this house while at the Bridge Coffee House and Book Store,
saw its photo in a real estate magazine. The kind that they leave out for tourist
who have had a magical weekend meandering their ancient streets.
The streets where every house is at least 100 years old.
When I told my friends that I bought this house they thought I was bewitched.
Funny they said that,I was.
 In town one day I visited an herb and natural healing shop,got my palm read.
The woman said she saw a move in my future.
Really? I said. 
On the last day of my vacation to this out of the way town I was truly sorry to have to leave it.
Especially the cemetery that I had visited on Mound Hill St.
So many children didn't make it more than a day back then.
Most women died decades after losing their husbands.
 But one grave that I took a rubbing of really gave me a jolt.
It read....Mercurial Bead, died, not knowing.
Not knowing what? What?
I asked around town, but you know how small town are...not a word.
So I went to the library. I snooped around some old records and found that she had lived on Peace Pipe Lane. I was startled when the  librarian appeared and sat down next to me. "Do you want to know what she died not knowing? "
I shuddered straight through to my shoes.

"Someone took her child. She sat by the front window of her house for over 50 years, waiting, but she never knew what happened to her. Finally one day she hung herself in the basement,couldn't take the pain anymore. They say her house is haunted...can't sell it."

Well, I bought it. I understand Mercurial. I too, am waiting, waiting for someones return, my husband's return-MIA,Vietnam.
Maybe I can freshen the old place up a bit, bring some cheer.
Maybe I will make a pot of tea, put out two cups, ask Mercurial to tell me,
What's it like, knowing?

Happy anniversary Magpie Tales!


  1. Wonderful piece, Suz. You had me at Peace Pipe Lane!

  2. Suz you are the consumate storyteller and author, great piece.

  3. Great story. Peace Pipe Lane - where ever did you come up with that name! :-)

  4. I understand that line about hanging. I have been there. My father hung himself when I was seven. Sadness. I like that line a few posts back: sometimes it is the pain that opens us up to realizations and change. How true this is, Suz! Have a happy weekend. We are in warm sunshine here but expecting some rain early next week. All sorts of flowers starting to blossom. Tree, jonquils, etc. Glorious Spring!

  5. how blessed you are
    not only to have warm weather and blooming flowers (swoon..gasp,smile)
    but to have such an open heart
    blessings and love to you

  6. Wowee~Fabulous!
    Love it.
    I was hanging onto every word.
    You are a talented lady.
    When does you book come out?
    I will be first in line to buy it.
    Have fun this weekend
    I know you will.
    You are a fun lady.

  7. This is rich! What an imagination here.

  8. Suz,
    Inspired story telling of the highest calber.

  9. Wow! I came to return your visit to Wrestling With Retirement; I had no idea that I would find such an amazing piece of writing! Excellent work.

  10. Oh dear, my husband was looking over my shoulder reading all your comments...blush
    He smiled..walked away

    Dogwood, I only wish I had the stuff to finish my novel...running out of steam...but thank you,it really warms my hear that I touch people with words arraigned just so

    Ah Red...for you, anytime
    Rosaria, I have much to draw from
    Rel..oh dear, oh my..glad my husband saw those words..thanks

  11. Why Annell..isn't that house just gorgeous and mysterious and so ordinary that you want to go inside and meet the person who lives or lived there..and don't you just want to paint on canvas....or for me draw it?
    thanks for the kind words...they go into me

  12. I love this story! I want more! It needs to be a novel about how she finds out that she's really a witch...

  13. How funny, Bug..I just finished reading The Physick book of Deliverance Dane...

  14. my gosh, how do you do this suz??? my mouth dropped the way you ended this story.

    you. are. amazing.

  15. okay Janean..10% it is hee hee

  16. Wow. Oh, wow. This gave me goosebumps and I want more. I love it.

  17. I so enjoyed your story. Thank you.

  18. i found his piece after reading today's magpie..drawn to the picture of the house in the snow, just wanted to say how much i enjoyed some others it seemed that there was another story waiting to be the life inredshoes comment...pile up the teacups we are all listening!!


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