Saturday, February 12, 2011

discovery journal page today

I want to thank all of you kind people who bother to take the time
to read and comment on my blogs
I do have another blog in case you didn't notice
where I tell you about my love for the garden
and this week, Everyday Goddess, picked me as one of her posts of the week
I even got a sun for it
What I am trying to say is that her kindness,
and all of your comments that are so kind and encouraging,
go into me
and I am blessed because of it

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  1. How lucky we all are in this blogging community, don't you think Suz? None of us know each other personally yet each of us KNOWS each other "personally". How much more can a person share or feel than we all do here, right? At least, that's the way that I feel. I feel inspired like you say that people bother to read or leave comments and I know that my heart is in the right place when I inspire someone to comment and what I have said reaches someone that I don't even know. Have a wonderful, "LOVE"ly weekend, Suz. We are all blessed.

  2. I am with Teri´s comments, thank you to you Suz!

  3. Ditto Teri, blogging really is an informational/social network and my life has been blessed because of it..thank you suz!

    I have been meaning to visit your gardening blog, that is my passion place also....wish I could sit in my garden 24/7..thinking of putting solar lights so I can "putt around" at night..LOL!

  4. I love your gardening blog too Suz, but find so much enjoyment reading your "Heart." You have been an inspiration to me. You are a pearl in the oyster, a ray of sunshine.

  5. Well deserved friend, well deserved:)

  6. Congratulations, Suz! Well deserved!

  7. we are blessed because of YOU!


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