Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a page from my illustrated discovery journal

Sometimes it is the pain in our lives
that opens us up to realizations and change
and that is powerful indeed



  1. Suz,

    Pain, physical, is something I try to solve as though I were a medic on a battlefield. So far, so good.

    Pain, mental, is a harder case. It does have to be embraced and made-sense-of. Then it has to find its place in a wider perspective.

    I have learned from that. The lessons, learned, although often unpleasant, are worthwhile.


  2. I think pain is something we try to avoid, but it can be a great teacher, and often makes us more grateful for our lives.

  3. Your journal is beautiful, as are your words.

  4. It has always worked with me..pain makes my vision clearer & brain focussed.

  5. Oh that puppy! Love seeing the pages of discovery journals.

  6. I love this idea for a journal. I have been wanting to begin art journaling. I think I must just jump in. Follow your lead and jump.


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