Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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  1. Simply love the flow of this haiku, Suz. Just an excellent poem!


    (Hope it's not too bad in your area...only 9" to 15" forecast here.)

  2. Hi Suz,

    Thank you for stopping bye my blog and for your incredible gift of blessing on me. My daughter is just on another island, but that does mean a plane trip, which I can do, just wish she were right next door. But, she is a tough one, risen above a LOT. Honestly, your prayers are more that I could ask for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Also, I love Haiku, started writing in Haiku prose when I was in elementary about anything and everything (even mean teachers..lol!), you know how healing writing and poetry can be. Thank you for being my new sweet sister!

    Aloha, Connie

  3. Connie, my heart... is the heart of a mother, and I will faithfully pray everyday for your daughter's healing and for that precious little one......so...you are my haiku sister

    Hey Rick thanks...I was going to revise it..then thought..leave it..you might just let the essence escape..right? It is blowing and howling and snowing like all get out..who knows how much...You are used to big snow aren't you? This will give me some time to think on Magpie photo...
    John...I appreciate that judgement ;)

  4. The painting, the poem, so beautiful, concise, straight as an arrow.

  5. Lovely, peaceful haiku, after such wintry chaos..good to read this!

  6. Suz, your photography is marvelous, it takes my breath away. Hope you aren't too snowed in, I see the storms are pretty severe everywhere.

    Sunny, and in the 30's here in Wa. state, our son's in the east say it sounds balmy. Just remember, this is winter's last hurrah, Spring is the next stop on these tracks.

    Stay warm,
    Nancy at the Boat House, in Birch Bay

  7. It's seventeen degrees
    colder than a witch's tit
    sometimes haiku ain't purty...
    but yours is!

  8. Suz,

    Neat haiku on bleak winter scene.

    (I needed the 'red'!)


  9. beautiful combination of words and image - so peaceful.

  10. Gorgeous picture and words, Suz !
    Lovely wishes,

  11. i'm hanging on like those berries. baby, it's cooooolllllllddddd here. :)

  12. Such weather we've been having!!


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