Monday, January 31, 2011

I want to see green

Oh dear, the forecast for this week is a huge blizzard....and I have been counting the days until spring.
It is the only thing lately that has kept my spirits hoping...Spring!
But now the news is snow..snow..and more snow..
the blinding kind of snow with 50 mph winds to make those huge drifts.
This day I will be out buying provisions for my wards in the garden
..making sure the feeders are filled and that I have peanuts for the squirrels
 and enough food to share with Handsome who may or may not show up.
The thought of being snowbound is depressing. I was intending on going shopping this week...getting out
to browse,visiting my local thrifts and the library. Not to be.
Good thing I have been enjoying a book this weekend
...reading it slowly to preserve the pleasure:
The Physical Book of Deliverance Dane, by Katherine Howe.
It's just what I need for this long week.
...a journey to Salem and the finding of an ancient key in a 17th century Bible...whoo hoo....

But I'm keeping the cooking simple this week.
...real cottage cheese and fruit
the scale was up this morning....damn thing
why, when we eat over the weekend, a few pleasures,
 the scale shoots up?
but when we restrain our eating the reverse is not true?!?!?!
not fair

I dreamt about being on the Reformer...for those of you
who do not know what that's a device that you use to do Pilates....
Anyway, I dreamt I was on the Reformer
 and was doing everything with skill and with perfect form...
..think my mind is telling me something?
Like get your body back to moving-stretching-breathing
I could at least lift my weights while I'm stuck think
I'll let you know if I have been successful at kicking my own arse



  1. Yes, I will be shopping this morning. This week is predicted to be a cold one. Stay warm, I'll bet there are more books you have been looking for time to read?

    Thanks for the peak unto your life.

  2. OOOOHHH!! I love the feeling of being showbound!! It's a great time to make soup, watch movies, read a book (yours sounds intriguing!), clean out drawers or closets and just watch all the beauty out the window!! But I DO understand your yearning for spring! It will get here---when it's time!!!

  3. They're predicting ice, or maybe snow, or it could be rain, tonight. I guess we'll see!

    I've been trying to move my body more. I'm bribing myself with an audio book that I can only listen to when I exercise. We'll see how that goes!

  4. Oh Robin....I am itching to get into the garden!
    Annell...maybe I'll break out my paints...or ink pens...that would be interesting..the rusty artist makes a move

  5. are right...just move
    bribes don't work
    however in Galena I did see a nice purse...big bucks...that I would love to have...told the shop owner if Ican get back into my small jeans maybe I'll buy it...but for now...uh books make me fall asleep
    I am thinking of getting my own rebounder.....

  6. I think it always looks great in the distance however living in it for so long and still having a lot more to come.....

    Like the sound of your book though, I may look it up.

    You see the encouragment you are spreading?

  7. John,It is the living in it SO long that is the hard part...when the sun comes out and the skies are so blue with those glorious billowy clouds...okay..but not this.. tons of snow stuff with white skies and bare trees...I NEED GREEN

  8. About this time of year I usually buy a few pots of primroses at the supermarket just to keep my spirits up.

  9. Hope you see green again soon, although looks like winter will have a last hurrah. Some green has come too early here in the Pac. NW and then cold weather, I'm sure my fruit trees will pay a price and the local crops (98% of US raspberries) may have been hurt.

    Anyway, daffodils, tulips and then others will follow. Sip some warm spicy tea, read a good book, and sit next to a warm fire.
    Warmest/greenest wishes from
    Nancy of the Boat House

  10. To get through winter, one needs great food, fun movements, plenty of light. It doesn't mean all in the same day, or at the same time. It's dark and cold and our bodies have more needs.

  11. Hibernation is for the bears. I find that doing my stretching and strength exercises first thing after oatmeal...makes me a happy soul, even when the snow keeps us in. You have lovely visions out your garden window. Enjoy. See each branch the squirrels leap one to another, as highways to their homes. Follow them with your eyes and your heart will spring. Have a great week. And, keep thinking Green. I cannot wait either.

  12. I heard the news today about your bad weather coming and I wish that I could swoop you up and bring you here to Calif. Look at my post for today and see the promise of Spring coming your way. I think this is why I live in Calif. instead of the east coast. Despite things that we have here (earthquakes and fires) the long winters are just too much for me. I would need a light box for sure!

  13. Well my friend, you could always break out your sewing machine ;)
    The weather here will be awful too...DAMMIT!

  14. ....and I complain because it is pouring rain in Hawaii...shame on me! But either way, cottage cheese, soup and a book sound good. Take care! Connie

  15. Am suffering from a little cabin fever myself but for the opposite reason to yours! Wow the cool white looks so pretty but I guess I am looking at it with too much hot sunlight in my eyes. Sure is pretty though ..... just saying

  16. I'm stuck in the house this morning doing exercise because we have a coating of ice outside. I too want to see green!!!

  17. kick on sistah and kick in my direction! my honey brough home krispie kreme donuts! LOL....

  18. I had the Deliverance Dane book put on hold at my library after reading this. I am in the first few chapters now....loving it! Thanks!

  19. I enjoyed Deliverance Dane, too. Just now I'm thinking of a rereading of Thirteenth Tale.


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