Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who knows?... chicken soup

This is one of those gloomy winter days without blue skies or brilliant light. So-------
a good day to make soup. Soup is an art form without form to me.
Today I am making chicken soup...that I know.
But what it will eventually taste like I'm not sure.
To make the broth I am throwing almost everything I have left from the week:
Sort of a witch's brew
with potatoes
green pepper
onion (skins left on too get that yellow color)
and while I am reciting a charm or too
I'll throw in some celery salt
turmeric and paprika and peppercorns
in goes the old hen and in a few hours
I'll strain the broth, remove the chicken meat from the bones
return it to the pot, add fresh vegetables and noodles
simmer a bit more and we'll see

If only you could smell the house.....mmmmm
should I make bread?
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  1. Mmm - sounds fabulous. Yes, definitely make bread!

    We make stoup in our house - not being REAL cooks, it's just various cans of things - beef, mixed veggies, corn, kidney beans, broccoli, some olive oil & cinnamon...

  2. hee hee I like that Bug...ever hit a homerun?

  3. Oh yes! It smells divine. Bread? Yes, yes. All these to restore our spirits, warm our bodies and soul, and give us control over our interior universe.

  4. Wow a recipe in poetic form...and that picture is cold and foggy- this would be a perfect lunch....with the bread of course...bkm

  5. Ah you fellow bloggers,if you only knew that my bread is a work of witchcraft too
    better get out the incantation book for this endeavor...
    draw a circle around myslef and begin

  6. The heart of the home is what you are. I've found just a little bit of rosemary, adds a great deal to chicken soup. It will be the best! I can almost smell it, too.

  7. Coffee at sunrise and your special chicken soup in the afternoon, you better hope I never visit you because I may never leave.......

  8. Aaaahhhhh!! I can smell that soup way over here!!! And fresh bread baking???????? That would be awesome!! Wonderful activities of the heart and home on what is becoming a very snowy day!!!

  9. What a great photo!

    Sort of surprised that you eat chicken though, as I know of your love for birds and all creatures.

    I really like the tip about leaving onion skins in for the colour when making soup, I shall try that.:-)

  10. Oh yes, homemade bread and soup are a must!!

  11. rosemary...yes, I have seen that added to soup..but I am afraid's not one of my favorites..but I do know that sometimes it is just such an ingredient that makes it stand out...maybe I'll seperate some broth and add it and I'll let you know...
    Susannah...I know! But alas, I am a meateater...I know that is shocking....just please don't tell me the details or I shall weep forever.....

  12. that looks so wonderful....and YES!!!! make the bread


  13. i swear i can smell it....yummmmmmm.


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