Sunday, January 2, 2011

jottings in the journal

Jan 1,201l
To myself
Come each day as you are
Live it in true time
Set the table for two or more
Nourish body and soul
Move your body to awareness
Work on inflexibility
Breathe outside air, and feel the sun on your face, everyday
For there you will find Holiness
And when it rains,snows, or is freezing, feel that too
Touch the other senses of nature..for there you will find courage, fortitude,purpose and survival
Sit at the feet of the music,writings and art
for there you will find alternatives, you never knew existed
Sit still with what is uncomfortable
for there you will discover and unravel a knot that has bound you
Organize the chaos that holds you back
for there you will find more beauty and where there is beauty,you'll find joy
Bless every single day
For when you bless it, you will not waste it


  1. Exquisite! A prayer chant for all seasons.

  2. Wow Suz, inspired writing, what a great start to the year.

  3. This is so very beautiful, I will read it again and keep on rereading it over time. It says so much. You truly are inspired and inspiring. What a wonderful gift you are ...and have.

  4. Suz,

    This is where I'd like my 'balance' to be. It's nearly Buddhist, though I think that view paradoxically goes through the emptiness of what's there in order to 'be' there.


  5. Every word invites newness.
    Breathe outside air, and feel the sun on your face, everyday For there you will find Holiness.....I love it It is when I am In the Elements that prayer comes so easily...and laughter follows

  6. Such a beautiful piece of writing. I want to keep this one, in my heart. Truly inspired!


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