Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's all in the light

We spent the weekend in Galena. The temperature was in the teens,
but the magic of a country winter day manifested itself before us.
I rose early anticipating seeing the deer,
but they were not there,neither were the turkeys.
The only thing present was wonder... the bright moon leaving, shining through the naked trees,
the moonlight glistening on the pure white snow,the horizon awakening with pink light.

With a cup of coffee in hand I sat at the kitchen table and watched as the sun rose and
glistened the snow even more below the brilliant blue sky of the new day. The birds returned to the feeders on the deck
en mass...becoming a birders delight. We had Chickadees,Finches-both gold and purple,Downy and Hoary woodpeckers,Red bellied woodpeckers,Blue Jays,Cardinals,Tufted titmouse's,Juncos,Crows,and nuthatches. And the orange feral cat showed up to see what was going on...poor thing...I think it has lost its litter mate. This is the second time we have seen it alone. I left dry food out by the rocks for him,but he preferred and has come to rely on the neighbor's consistent food supply (bless her Swedish heart).

Earlier,when I woke up in the middle of the night to something making noise in the woods, I stood at the window
trying to see what it was...but became lost in the wonder of  light and shadows on the snow. There was a wonderful,dreamy blue cast to everything and I soon forgot why I was standing there. I wanted to wake my husband up, but he doesn't share my wonder sometimes...he tries...but

wonder,magic,joy and beauty are sometimes best partaken alone

I can say I felt Frost's poem that night...
.Whose woods these are I think I know...

...The magic was bewitching



  1. What great photographs and I too share your wonderment. I could quite easily sit and share a coffee with as the sun comes up. I would have to be well wrapped up though 'cause it looks cold! :)

  2. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images of magic!

  3. Several of these photos took me on a mind journey to my days in the (much flatter) Texas Panhandle. Reminded me of winter days on my grandparents farm, and seeing the snow across miles of fields.

    I can smell, see, and feel the warmth of my grandmother's kitchen just by looking a a couple of your photos....You're right: It is sometimes all in the light.....


  4. John, we learn to make peace and love with the cold, for it is very giving in its magic on everything...not pedestrian like summer days when even the dull can see wonderment..No winter and cold are for the awakened..The sea has the same wonderment about it...but is it really the light? I tap my coffeecup to yours this morning...is it morning by you..I don't really know
    Annell...I cannot explain the magic of an open snowfilled field..with blue skies and glistening snow...take me away..I surrender about sums it up
    You have the desert to do this I;m certain...hug
    Rick...This may sound strange...But I am a flatlander..I love the horizon....miles and miles of it and the silence that goes with it. My grandmother was born in Texas...do I qualify as a citizen of that lovely state?..just dreaming
    Please write about her Rick...I know there is wonder there to share

  5. I think that the snow and cold look really beautiful but I am a California girl, born and raised, and I would just as soon drive TO the snow than have it around for days (months) on end. I just don't handle the cold as well. But, beautiful shots of what winter holds.

  6. ah beautiful pics...love the first couple bringing out the blues...cuppa coffee...thats my kinda magic

  7. "wonder,magic,joy and beauty are sometimes best partaken alone"...oh, yes! It's some how deeper, more connected when we feel these things by ourselves.

    Your images capture winter in it's glory - beautiful.

  8. This is a lovely post, Suz.
    I really love the cold and snow of winter. It's not fashionable to say "I love the winter", but I do.
    Nice to know you're out there, lovin' it, too.

  9. Nice shots Suz, I love the Winter light, together with the snow makes for beautiful photos.

  10. Gorgeous! Your neck of the woods looks just like mine. I especially like the snowy farm shots.

  11. A beautiful series of photos. I too enjoy the wonder!!

  12. Lovely photos and thoughts, Suz! You were are Galena? In Alaska? Or is there a Galena, Illinois?

  13. Galena Alaska!?
    nope...Galena Illinois
    northwest corner of Illnois 20 miles from the mississippi
    thanks for the visit

  14. I enjoyed reading this post, Suz !
    Your photos are magical !
    Nice week,

  15. Beautiful post. It's all about the light these days, getting a few UV rays and enjoying the beauty!

  16. Steeped in beauty of words and images..I felt a part of it all...lovely.

  17. Stunning photos, magical words, beautiful! I love the blue of the white, and the deep black of the trees...lovely.

  18. Between the pics and prose I feel as though I was there...thank you.
    Do you have a second home in Galena?

  19. Just beautiful! I love how you are in love with a season that so many aren't. I have chosen to live at the 2000 foot level in Hawaii, in the cloud line where it rains all the time and you cannot see the ocean. People think I am crazy, especially living in Hawaii, but I love the mountains, or Kuahiwi as we say it in Hawaiian. Thank you for your peace, I can feel it. Connie

  20. Connie...I know a woman poet who visited the mountains and felt an instant conection to the clouds...almost spiritual..Later she found out when she was in her 50's that her great-grandmother had been a native american whose name had been stricken from records..leaving only indian woman
    ....this deepened her connection to clouds....I just happy that people find the wonder of place no matter where they live..for surly it is there....different parts of God

  21. beautiful images + beautiful words = my favorite writer suz!


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