Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Poem

a brushed off poem from the attic

 Winter  Day at the Market

Our hands touched as we reached
for the same cookbook while
standing in the checkout lane

We giggled, made small talk
about cold and warmth,admitted
that Winter aroused us,made us desire
to hole up in our houses

confessed that our fantasies existed
in simmering soups and hardy stews
luring our loved ones homeward
finding sanctuary in the smell of baking bread

I wondered as I stood stirring that night
if she too had cast our conversation
on the hearth, sprinkling it
into her family meal


  1. Lovely poem full of romantic contemplation. Enjoyed it.

  2. Food for thought? :) Definately only a taster though, I could do with more!

  3. Romantic, familial yet...with that twinge of the sensual. Interesting mix - it works well here. Oh the things we dwell on...the possibilities. Unique one for the winter months. Very nice.

  4. A beautiful contemplative picture captured so elegantly, the hearth, the stirring soup, the encounter.

  5. that was a delightful poem..filled with warmth...glad you dusted it off..

  6. Makes me feel good to read it. Today is filled with sun shine! I feel good today, because of your poem!

  7. This is so lovely and warming - thank you for painting these pictures with your words.

  8. Oh, lala. The good old grocery store and food. Love it. Very alluring.

  9. lovely and inducing warm feelings - there's an intimacy in this moment that's both tender and enticing... beautiful one shot!

  10. I adore the sanctuary of baking bread.

  11. Suz--This poem just goes to show how you never know how you present yourself to someone and what they take home with them. I remember being on vacations and meeting someone in a strange city or state occasionally and striking up a conversation. That conversation would linger with me for the longest time because it was really heart-felt and it also felt as if it was "meant to be", so-to-speak, to meet that person in the first place. There is always something to learn from every situation and your meeting with this person prompted a poem and some warm thoughts that you have sent out to the universe now. Great job.

  12. This poem is filled with love. The very act of cooking and preparing a meal for your loved ones is an act of love, especially in the time and preparation taken to give that offering.

    You've captured that perfectly, Suz!


  13. Teri, this really happened-
    glad it has happened to you
    Tess, good word..sanctuary
    my kids used to come home and say it as they walked through the door
    Rick..yes it is an act of love..part of the sacred in the ordinary

  14. Interesting piece, love how you go from sensual to familial, then almost sisterly thoughts, yet still holding a possibility of being otherwise. Just enough elusiveness to allow the reader's thoughts to carry beyond in any or all directions.


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