Monday, January 3, 2011


Journal jottings
January 3,2011
to myself
 Getting along is like stepping on the air hose of life
Without the oxygen of your own beliefs,wishes and thoughts expressed openly
-despite the risk of alienation
or ridicule or gasps-
you  face the day with little strength,weakened
half of who you are
Be true to yourself and what you believe
 and you will lift that heavy foot off of your life source
To be silent is swallowing poison drip by drip
before you even realize it your are dying inside of un-expression
Fill your vase with sunflowers
while they still bloom inside of you
place them in the open on your table of  life
and let your inside out
For the world needs more flowers
not fewer


  1. Oh, I LOVE this Suz!! We really can't be healthy if we are not living authentically and being true to ourselves. Sometimes it's so hard though. Hard to go against the flow of what's "normal" or "expected". It takes great courage---we need to have the heart of a warrior!!

  2. This is a beautiful message for beginning a brand new year ....

  3. This is another one that must be saved. You are hot!!!

    Right on it! Thank you.

  4. yes it does...a very nice massage here...

  5. Timely message in the age of suppression of free speech.
    Who was it said... "be yourself. Everyone else is taken!" ?

  6. Such wonderful words and so very true. I am in awe of your writings, you are so very talented and inspired and inspiring.

  7. i've lived many years with heavy feet on my air does choke the life out of you. i had to learn to be kind, but true to Truth.


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