Thursday, January 20, 2011


He's mine, but he belongs to no one
a vagabond, a cad, a feral cat
whose territory is who knows where
but home is where he knows he will find
a heated outside house,water bowl and food
Sometimes he stares in the window until he gets what he wants
me having to go through dry food,canned food and his favorite,
chicken from the Jewel
Another winter my friend ...I beckon you to come inside
your ear now permanently bent and your eye sore
but you want to be free or you fear not being free
I now how it is
Change is hard....don't worry I'll always be here for you
but tonight it is going to be 10 degrees
wind chill -35
I'll throw another blanket on your bed while you are away

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  1. Oh Suz, Handsome is still there, so nice you're taking good care of him !

  2. Cats always know who they like and you have a friend there, maybe at a distance but when they are feral it takes time to "melt" their fears away.

  3. Cats always know who their allies are. Handsome was lucky to find his way into your neighborhood, Suz!

  4. You are a darling. I am so glad that dear handsome has got you. x

  5. He does look rather debonair. Nice piece of writing.

  6. He is very handsome. I totally agree with you. Cats are the greatest. Those eyes say so much!

  7. Oh it's going to be 0 tonight!

  8. Bring him in, Suz! Nothing like a warm room to curl up in.... I miss my two brother cats... they were 17 and 18 years old.

  9. 17& you were a good human to them I have tried to bring him in...he won't let me get close enough to him I could trap him...but I think it would kill the old fella
    he's over 10 I think....
    This morning he ate warmed chicken and now sleeps on his heated pad in his "house"

  10. He is very handsome. Many years ago, in another life, far away, I was at the back door calling my kitty, the one I thought belonged to me. And a kitty so much like that handsome one of which you write, darted in and ran right into the bathroom, and jumped into the tub. My husband, said, "well you're not going to keep him." And I quietly agreed, he was the best kitty ever. I called him Bones, he was so thin, he came and he stayed. You are lucky to have such a handsome visitor.

  11. Cats can be so independent and yet they need attention when they need it, and I am glad you love, I do believe all living creatures and plants, which I consider sleeping right now.

  12. I love that fiesty cat :)

    He would be best pals with my parent's cat Moby!

  13. Annell you made me laugh...he said we're not going to keep him
    That's how we got our first stray cat....I didn't argue..the cat just stayed hee hee
    Bones...poor fella..glad you loved him
    Hi Lucy...I love him for sure...but he is a rascal...and now picky like the inside ones he fiesty too?
    Handsome has fathered many kittens that we have rescued and their mothers....I guess he ran out of more kittens
    happens to them all :)

  14. He sure is handsome, even with his bent ear and gunky eye.

    Well done Suz you take such good care care of him.

    I can only imagine how cold it is at your house.

  15. Love that ear!!! Sometimes it is just so hard to tame a wild cat. They want easy food, I think, but not the attachments that come along with it. Nice of you to feed him and keep him warm.

  16. have that right...easy food....cooked to order too sometimes
    But the guy has such a hard life and I know he wants to come in but just can't get over his feral I accept what is
    good luch on selling that house

  17. There is something about the term feral cats - actually about feral cats themselves - that makes me smile. I think feral cats are cats that don't follow the rules, mock the inside cats for their cushy like.

    Blessings to you for giving Handsome love and warmth, even if he pretends to not need it!

  18. beautiful Suz - what a wonderful name for this handsome man...freedom is so important...and your warmth is too this precious man...bkm

  19. Beauty and a wonderful deed...give handsome a pat o the back and a rub on his neck from my side :)


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