Friday, February 18, 2011

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Today, I will love much.

The snow of February is almost gone.
Hard to believe,
two days of balmy weather,
and my angst is gone,
and I forget how I grumbled.

But the earth drinks up the water
and the buds swell even more
And I feel a renewal,a swelling too,
in my being... to love much.
The sky is blue
the sun is out
I'm going to Galena,my promised land
can't wait to see the fields
and the cows
and the good people that live there

and as the poet Wilcox states above
"Earth has enough bitter in it."
So," love much"


  1. Greetings, how are you?
    Write a free verse 4 Poets Rally, enjoy poetic friends, you are invited!

    Hope to see you in,

    Love your poetry talent and looking forward to a profound experience with your input.


  2. Oh dear, thank you for the invite
    I am out the door right now, but later I will check out your site..yes, it would be fun join in

  3. I love your write too much! Here in the high mountain desert, the snow melts, and it is dusty already. Not much moisture in that snow. Not the most beautiful time of the year. Dust clouds hang low. One must look up....dusty New Mexico town.....

  4. love much. i try. soak up your beloved galena!

  5. Glad you are feeling better Suz, Spring is in the air and in your step!

  6. I know the feeling: sunny days, balmy weather, then BAM...that snow started
    falling here again yesterday. There is still lots of white outside. It knocked my spirits down a bit but I am trying to be optimistic about the prospects of the sun returning again. Have fun in Galena. Do you own a house there or something? You seem to go quite a bit.

  7. It's been a fabulous couple of days, hasn't it? Enjoy your promised land :)

  8. Stupendous! And so fitting at this time too.

  9. Suz,
    I need to get back to reading Wilcox.
    In the mean time I'll soak up the thaw.

  10. Have a wonderful time at your "home away from home." I know you love it there.
    Smiles to you and have fun!

  11. I love that Galena is your promised land. We all need such a place.

  12. Tess, this is a truth of life

  13. Suz, this is perfection! I remember going to Galena and having that same excitement knowing I'd be in my 'own country' again.
    Did you get snow like we did here in MN?
    Have a great week!

  14. What a beautiful poem. Truly talented.

  15. nonizamboni..I heard you were going to get hit again with all that snow....and 14% state income tax!.......ih dear
    Jen Daiker...why thank you

  16. Lovely words, yes fill the world with love.
    Enjoy Galena; our bush block, Old Forest, is my promised land.

  17. Love much...I will, I will...thank you! Connie


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