Saturday, April 30, 2011

a wandering

Oh boy did I need a trip here
I went there yesterday
...a wandering
Love wandering
It nurtures me to browse sometimes
men don't get this...too bad
at least mine doesn't
I let my mind wander
pushing a cart down the aisles
back and forth no destination
just comfort in seeing such pretty things
I hope I never ever give up on wanting pretty things
a beating heart desires
not for much at my age.. but it does
Like a new glass pitcher to hold my cherry juice
..juice that I partake of for inflammation
Did you know that cherry juice is good for pain relief?
Well mine is now served in the prettiest glass qt pitcher
with a red top
Ah the joy of beauty
Then I went on to buy  new Ralph Lauren fluffy towels
Oh they are going to be nice..the old ones I'll donate to the animal shelter
I believe in re-purposing...and I love animals

But the purchase that nearly swelled my heart to bursting
was 4 little sundresses for Little Miss
Oh how I miss don't go crying now Suz
It's how it is..they living in California and you in Illinois
It is how it is.
Love can be mailed too   


  1. Sounds like you had a good time and of course the most important thing was free, LOVE!

  2. Oh yes! I do understand! " can be mailed.." Wonderful.

  3. I love following your wandering, and share the joy for pretty things! The towels were the perfect choice, I think and they will be lovely warm and welcoming each time you need them.

    Missing is a hard thing that never seems to get easier.

  4. I totally understand wandering in one of your favourite stores. I do it often, and my hubby is so understanding, but does not get it either.

    And I relate to having grandchildren living far away from you. Thank goodness for Skype is all I can say.

  5. smile. i bet she will love them...take me to a bookstore and i will meander forever...smiles.

  6. Oh! Now I know what I'm going to do with that pile of old towels! =-) I love TJ many things to enjoy there!

  7. Okay, now it is my turn to
    "choke up", awww, the little dresses. I am back on my island now, and miss the little ones and my youngest daughter so much. Thank you for your "messages of love" that I received while I was there, you cannot imagine how much they meant to me. XOXO Connie

    ps and yes, I love to wander..too!

  8. Suz, we both went a-wandering yesterday!

    I loved your line about mailing love. Such a comfort.

  9. Yes, John I did have a good time

    Rosaria...oh I know you have a grandma's heart..such a grand thing being one..we get through the hard parts

    Marion..oh the towels are luxurious..they are in the bathroom soft And yes, missing is the hardest part..hurts

    Nana..oh the good Lord bless Skype..saves us grandmas all the time...

    Brian..that is another place I LOVE to go a bet..but my bookshelf is getting pretty big and I can't part with one of them

    Hey Bee..shelters need old towels and sheets all the time and throw rugs..TJMAXX the best

    Ah Connie Lou..I am so happy for you...But it is SO hard not to see them all on a regular basis..and we are important to little ones...and our own children..though we have to let go..they are forever in our prayers every is the life saver for us

    Karen..we missers need a wandering days to just let our minds wander..go where they need to go...and yes it is a comfort to mail love...

  10. Yes, I understand. I am such a hermit. And often don't get out, forget to "go out," other than a dash to the grocery. When I do go for a "wander around, or walk about," it does amazing things for me. I think it is "take your child out to play." Colors and textures, something "new." Thanks for taking me along.

  11. Annell yes it does do amazing things..sort of an artist's date


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