Sunday, May 1, 2011

a love for all things

I am a hopeless romantic
I need a fix now and then

of a good movie

This foreign film
did it.

I was alone and the house was quiet
..the best time to watch a love story

about a woman's love
from beginning to end
about that magic moment
when your heart knows
its journey

 I had a surprise yesterday too

on my deck outside

He curled up in Handsome's Igloo
and went to sleep

and this morning he is back
all tucked in surrounded by
afghans and old quilts
like he belongs there

When your heart is all high on love
you look at things differently
rest dear fellow rest
I am filled with love


  1. Love certainly changes everything, especially how we view the world.

    Great post!

  2. Ya know, Suz, those last four lines can be a poem alone. Really really like that!

  3. a cool! i am a hopeful romantic for wins.

  4. foxes are the best...especially when they come to visit!
    you got such great shots of him/her!

  5. Yes, love changes all things. I love it when animals seem to put us to their use. I had a little family of skunks. They brought joy to my life. And then they went away. I was sorry to see them go. Mama and her babies.

  6. Annell you are a softie too..I knew it
    Karen...I can see him from my patio door...1ft away..sleeping...

  7. Nothing like a romantic movie or novel..Now that Winter is approaching there will be lots of this happening in my house here down under.

    Can't believe that Fox, he looks quite old. Well done on letting him enjoy some comfort.

  8. That poor old guy senses the love in your heart! What a lovely exchange!

  9. Suz, thank you for caring about little Sammy. He is home now, with drainage tubes at the surgery sites. His eye is damaged, but he can see. We are hoping with time that will correct itself. This has been quite the ordeal .... again, thank you so very much.

  10. Oh Helen that is good news..poo little guy..I afreaid this will stay with him quite a while...
    was your neighbors dog ticketed and I hope you recover the cost of this surgery...blessings and prayers your way

  11. Nana...romance is good for the being....any saeson
    I think he is old...and undernourished...he's still here
    comes and goes...oh dear

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog from Brian's. He is fun to work with and an awesome poet. I love your photos, especially this little fox guy. I have never seen a fox in person. How lucky for you! (As long as he's not a pest, eh?)

  13. Suz, you are most brave! I'd make so much noise and scare the fellow away.


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