Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There is nothing to writing.
All you do is sit down at a typewriter
and open a vein.

....Red Smith

I had my book club this morning
..interesting book, Long Long Ago and Essentially True

We had a good time talking about what we liked
and didn't like about the book
which made me think on the way home
Readers......the ultimate judges
and I got a shiver or two
It's not always what you put down on the page that counts,
but what the reader brings to it..their personal biases or hangups
or prejudices or needs
..and all after having opened a vein
...such a thing
this wanting to write....
I'm glad I also like to garden



  1. so true...here is the thing though...if you try writing to appease you will never really tell your story...

  2. Absolutely true, I´m with Brian!

  3. Your story as in YOUR story or as in
    A story......ha
    there is a difference
    crafting a story out of nothing
    telling it well ..beginning, middle end
    fleshed out characters,sense of place,
    wonderful syntax...good dialogue..no, excellent dialogue that moves the story along....
    and then..some group of middle age and beyond group of women tear it apart....dismiss it....hate it
    It was just a thought on the way home....what goes into telling a story well....
    Of course we care that people will receive it well....that would be a lie if we said other
    I'm not talking about process...just a passing thought
    on the end product...and it is product....

    Now...poetry...another kind of beast
    most poets start writing confessional type poetry ...angst...
    no craft...
    Think it doesn't matter what people say about poetry...just put it out there to be workshopped....
    ouch...but you learn
    But for the life of me I have never heard of a poetry club..as in book club group....
    We write to write well
    what else is the point

  4. Have you read the poetry in The New Yorker? I can't swallow any of it! And yet, some editor feels that that is what poetry is. Go figure!~
    Yes, I'm also happy to be gardening.

  5. Nice post Suz. Good to have a passion for gardening, I get most of my ideas for projects while I'm in the garden.

  6. You are "right on" on this one!


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