Sunday, May 22, 2011

Light, shadow, writer

 I am writing a story that has much darkness in it
and I feel myself at the edge of a cliff
frightened that I may slip

Darkness is not pleasant
but it makes for a compelling story
A writer/teacher once told me that a writer
must be able to write to the edge...go there

It is a quite an experience seeing on paper what your mind
has brought forth....
Light and  shadows in the writer's hands

Oh to just be a gardener

But in ways they are similiar
Texture and light
color and drama
structure that stands in all seasons
and one who must tend it all
and make a garden out of it
so it is not just chaos
But chaos is good for me sometimes
gets the heart pumping
the mind engaged that something needs
exposure or editing or more tending
It is going to be a long day


  1. We know that we have to stretch our writing muscles, scratch that wound until it bleeds. Only then, we can bleed on paper.
    Right now, I wish I had a writing mentor to help me stretch, to push me to go further.

  2. nice...i wont lie, i like going to that edge of darkness in my writing....there is freedom in letting your imagination go where ever it wants...

  3. I think everyone should be looking how they are doing a movie..KANSAS KINGS...on pedophiles and terrorists.
    IRONICUS MAXIMUS states it.

  4. It is said we like to get lost(in the darkness) get too close to the edge, because it feels so good to find our way home. Usually we have but to open the door, "Hi honey, I'm home! The magpie chases the raven, now he protects his nest.

  5. Seems as though your creative forces are flowing. Bravo.

    Your gardening analogy is right on...if you are an excellent yourself.

    I love observing the beauty in nature...but given that botany may be my weakest subject I'll have to go to the edge on something else.

  6. This is why you are such a good writer!!

  7. My editor once told me, "You have to shatter the reader..."

  8. Chaos IS good for us types... Sometimes, though, I feel like I dwell too long in the darkness of efficient agony.( wink!)

    I guess without the darkness, we cannot bring forth any light, and cannot know the difference.


  9. Oh Vicki so true
    but it takes a heap of guts to write some things

  10. Rick, I guess that's why I love your holding back
    just fine orchestration

  11. Being creative on the edge ...I like that..Gardening is a good routine, the sun always rises..but we have to carry our own light..still, I like it!


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