Tuesday, May 31, 2011

 Do you remember those days
when dining out was a nightmare
with little ones who didn't want to be there?
Do you remember when they only wanted you?
Do you remember not being able to get them to eat anything healthy?
The nights they wouldn't go to bed until 11:30 pm
and then woke up again at 2am?
do you remember toys everywhere and a messy house
filled with kid stuff?

So nice to be a grandma..it has its privileges
it's not me he wants
it's not my mess
I can give him a cookie
and it's not me getting up
all night

I told my daughter to hang in there
someday she'll be missing all of this


  1. we are on the back side of this already ourselves...we get it every once in a while...they still want to snuggle though...when that goes it will surely be a sad day...

    i did answer your question btw...

  2. So true Suz, happy days although it may not seem that way at the time...

  3. These are tough times. Yes, she needs grandma to give her a pep talk. This too will evolve and change. I have no little grandchildren and I hope they arrive soon, because my patience and energy are waning badly.

  4. There is something special about being a grandmother. What I find the most special though is that it brings to life that feeling once again that you had with your own children. It reinforces that love once again. When our kids get older, they aren't with us as much; they're not as dependent on us. So, when a new young life is present once again, we get that feeling all over again. It's wonderful!

  5. I miss it! But having adult children is pretty cool, too =-)

  6. Must admit I don't miss it too much, and it is so much better being a Nana.

  7. I sure do remember all those things about having little children. Sure good I was young then. Being a grandma is the greatest.

  8. Hee hee, I needed to read this as my son sits on the cusp of being a child and growing into a hormonal teen. Thanks for the reminder that under the disrespect and glaring eyes, my baby still resides inside.

  9. my mom used to tell us (we were eight siblings) that after us she won't dare have to take care of another baby. but when my brothers and sisters start to have their babies, my mom wouldn't care if we are out of her sight as long as her grandchildren are with her. her home looks either a nursery or an orphanage... what a great lady. thanks for this post.

  10. She will indeed. And, it will be much sooner than she thinks.

  11. Amen!
    Good word, mom!
    Aloha, Connie

  12. I was flying home from Minnesota late last night, and right behind me was a young mom with three young kids. We were delayed after boarding the airplance for almost two hours, and the kids were fussy, one threw up, all saying "mom, mom, mom" - I could tell people around me where so frustrated but I had nothing but love, patience, and respect for her!!

    I think that means I may soon be ready for the challenge myself....?

  13. hee hee that's what I think


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