Thursday, May 26, 2011


 Not all childhoods are filled with bliss.
This is what I am tackling in the story I am writing.
A story crafted out of many memories of childhood friends
whose lives were anything but happy or functional
So many children live with dread and fear
and secrets....some of their own..but mostly
family secrets
As I use these precious children that I remember,as inspiration
for the two young girls in my story
I can't help but tear up
wondering ..
What ever happened to them?


  1. ugh. dont i know it. i work with kids, counseling, and i know this well...sad.

  2. Perhaps as children, we knew that other children didn't live at home, in the way we did?

  3. I have met more troubled kids than I want to count. Many of them ended up as troubled adults, sadly. The world is not a happy place for children in many parts of the planet. What we don't know is that right here, in every neighborhood there are a lot of unhappy folks.

    Someone needs to tell these stories. I'm trying to finish one (on my other blog) on a middle schooler whose family is falling apart, whose blissful neighborhood is full of scary places.

  4. I have happy memories of being a child but have some not so great memories too. I have learned to concentrate on the good ones. : )

  5. Yup. Some of my nearest and dearest still struggle as adults with the ugliness they suffered as kids. I keep them close to my heart, always.

    Maybe telling your stories will do a small bit to end to the abuse. Thanks, Suz.


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  7. I worked with children those lives were nightmares. I'm haunted by the memories.
    Write that story.... tell all the secrets... expose the sadness and wrongdoing. Be their advocates. What you do, telling a story, may save one child's life.

  8. So true, when we come from a happy childhood we find it difficult to imagine that there are others who have not been so lucky. Yet it happens all the time unfortunately.

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  10. Those childhood experiences shape the human beings we become, our reactions, expectations & outlook towards the world, life....that is why i always tell me patients who r planning to become parents are pregnant..that raising a child is a full time job requiring great responsibility..not everyone is cut out for it, not everyone is ready or prepared for it and unless u are, take your time be ready and then dream about being a parent to a child.

  11. family secrets, yeah!
    for me, lucky enough to grow up super happy, loved, and no big obstacles,

    yet, I know from reading books, news, posts such as this that many kids suffered from abuses, insults or unspeakable sadness/losses.

    what a fantastic write on those unfortunate.


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