Saturday, May 14, 2011

 Woman of the Meskwaki tribe
They called you Old Fox Woman
Was it because of your shifting ways
your knowledge of things
between worlds
Your ability to charm your prey?
Or was it because you were invisible?

 I speak to fox that has visited me
knowing that now he straddles two worlds no more
but frolics in the better
no more dusk and dawn
I mourn for you my guide
knowing that one time you looked like the proud fox
not the sick old wearied one that stayed a while
I have searched for your message until it came
you left it as you crossed over

Once a snake came into my life
on the steps of a classroom
not once but three times,even shedding his skin
and I asked an Indian woman who was there.. what did it mean
and she asked
It came to you 3 times in one day?
It is powerful message of transformation
and it was
and now you have come into my life
as yours was ending and I was honored
I never feared you so close
but was stirred with compassion
believing you were here for a reason
I like to think of you now
healthy and running free
charming your way on the other side
you and Old Fox Woman


  1. this is a really fascinating piece suz...richly layers with metaphor

  2. Interesting! I feel this fox really came into your life and transformed it, just like the snake that visited three times in one day. These are signs not to miss.

  3. incredibly powerful and moving post Suz!

  4. Powerful, indeed! Really well done, Suz!

  5. You have captured the beauty, wonder and magic that is around us everyday. What messages are scattered and we miss them, sleep through life. Love this one!


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