Monday, October 13, 2014

it isn't a kitty
but who knows what lurks just outside our doors
unless we put on the light and look out
we never know
This little guy was there with two raccoons
... the wounded one and another one just as big
the bigger one was on his hind legs swinging at the wounded one
I yelled out and opened the door
they all ran!!!
My husband said...are you crazy!
only the little skunk came back
and I turned off the light and went to bed

This morning, Bart and Hazel were waiting patiently for their breakfast
my, they are getting big....and no sign of any kittens



  1. That "kitty" is why I always turn on the light before loosing the dogs. I used to have a war torn tom that showed up on my deck in all weather - I made him a nice, waterproof shelter that he seemed to like while he lasted in my wild world. Bless your cat-loving heart. No matter what, we have to help them.

  2. The skunk reminded me of the PePe La Pue Cartoon and the poor cat he loved! I have always enjoyed skunks for the most part..just keep a gallon jug of Febreeze in hand!
    PS: You are most certainly not crazy! Your heart is showing that's all!

  3. My step son and I were out a walk up the mountain on Saturday and spent 30 mins plus rescuing a kitten from a branch which was at least 10 ft high and in the middle of nowhere. The kitten is now Georgie, she has one or two little health issues but she is on the mend. Her 2 Sisters also strays were not to sure about her but patience is the order of the day. You have a real variety of "life" that turns up at your door Suz it must keep life very interesting.

  4. YES IT DOES Oh I am so happy you have rescued a little one...bless you and stepson
    goodness enlightens the world

  5. I think your hubby might be right. ;^)

    Actually, this made me grin because Sloane and I really want a de-stunk skunk. They really are so cute.

  6. I like your blog! A skunk and two raccoons!! That skunk is cute. Did you rescue the two cats?

  7. they ARE kind of cute, aren't they:)
    I love that you broke up the raccoon violence:)
    My kind of woman.

  8. Good for you, taking care of the critters! (I'm feeding a feral cat and several possums these days.)

  9. bless the beasts and kind women

  10. I've seen a lot of skunks around here lately.


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