Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Miss Kitty O'Shea went to the vet today
They made her get on to the scale
I know Kitty
I too have suffered this indignity
at the hands of my own doctor
......and they said the same thing to me, girl
Lose a few......huh!
easy for a young rail thin doctor to say
.....wait till she's had a litter
...then we'll see...
yeah...then we'll see
and add a few years and life's struggles
onto that ....and then we'll really see

...yes...Miss Kitty O'Shea
that was 2ounces of chicken a day
I had the vet's assistant write it down
hissssss you say



  1. I agree with Miss Kitty O'Shea, hissssssssssss........I have had my own issues with that kind of stuff.

    1. afternoon and she's begging for more

  2. Oh Miss Kitty, I feel your pain! xoxoxo

  3. haha...poor kitty...dieting is hard...especially at the holidays...smiles.

  4. I love a fat cat! I had two. Brothers from the same litter, and lived 17 and 18 years old.

  5. You can live a thin life; or a full life. Regardless, age will eliminate some activities, and complicate others. Frankly, thinness is overrated. You need a few extra pounds to cushion your bones from those unexpected falls.

    Live well while you can.

  6. yes true, but it also helps to work on your reflexes
    through exercise.....and Miss kitty is not into that either
    ha! I tried to get her to go to pilates....but no


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