Friday, November 30, 2012

In the midst of chaos I found
you, many of you jammed
 in a wire bin at Home Depot
I chose you....your stem seeking to obey
finding a crack in the box, a way
fulfilling destiny

On my kitchen counter I freed you from your bondage
sighed at your bent stem
your bare roots...sighed again.....I knew the miracle of you
the ordinary miracle of life
placed you in pot,
 a blanket of soil
placed a pillow of peat
 gave you
water and light
and every morning as I stumbled to make coffee
you greeted me with overnight growth
and I smiled
tried to share this miracle with visiting grandchildren
but they heard not a word
but went on to play their games
drink their strawberry milk
but you are still a miracle to me
this morning
sun shining through your petals
I think I hear the hallelujah choir



  1. strawberry youngest used to love that stuff....and a nice find...a miracle indeed...smiles..have a great weekend!

  2. I can relate to that quite well!

  3. They appear to be singing!

    I am eager to return home so I might find a plant that calls for attention, compost and love.

  4. Ahhhh, lovely flowers, and equally beautiful words, I loved this post and the joy they are spreading around :)

  5. That captured it beautifully, pefect, complete :)
    I usually buy one for myself to start once the holiday is over and so much of my red is packed away for another year.
    I put it in the dining room window, it has beautiful natural light, and I wait for the magic to begin.
    New life springing forth in the dead of Winter, it brings me hope :)

  6. Beautiful words and picture. And beautiful that you saved it!

  7. wow! how much do i love this!
    thank you thank you,

  8. Love write... She is a beauty!.. I love flowers!...


  9. A beauty!
    Off I go to purchase my own to brighten our gray days. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  10. You hear these words, the grandchildren hear others. All are related and true in their own light!

    Several years ago, in the apt. complex I was living, someone put a ceramic potted plant next to the dumpster. I brought it in. For about six years or so, I've watered it, it lived, but never grew any thicker or taller. Just a runt of a plant, but I loved it nevertheless. Recently I decided to add some Miracle Grow potting mix to it since the soil had always been sparse and roots exposed. Poor plant just wilted and died. I'm sad over this....just don't know why it died.........

    1. I wonder what plant it was??
      Maybe it was happy being its size
      ....but I love your kind and compassionate heart...
      you get a hug

  11. Lovely... I have daffodils and paperwhites blooming IN MY BACKYARD!! Confused about the season.. (Can't blame them!) I think I'll transplant them and bring them inside tomorrow? Not sure if that will work, but worth a shot! Flowers always make me ahppy


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