Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I ask this the mug of a happy cat?
Eight teeth had to be extracted
and to make things worse, I am having the worst back spasms ever dear husband....had to do the deed...take Abigail in to the vet
day before..nothing after 10pm
WHAT!? was the panicked response from the entire household cat population
nothing????!  but I like to munch and nash at night
too bad....but it worked....Abigail..the shy...showed up promptly at 6:30am
for food
I told my husband we have one shot at grabbing her.....Boo understands English
snitched.......but in the end we got her.....and  that lean over caused me 2 days of bedrest
hello.....the flooring guys are coming soon....too bad there also
Now I am the traitor......I don't think Abbey will ever let me pet her again
Good grief, I can't sit or stand for more than 10 minutes at a time before
my back goes into spasms.....good grief......I hate this
I am a doer......
I know what sent my back out....that two days of 70 degrees
the garden.......clean up...raking
but oh dear it was worth it.....I think I came alive again in that fresh air
that dirt....that bloodroot and bluebells poking through the ground
But for now it's me on the bed with a book
The \Time Traveler's Wife....not enjoying it so far....maybe it's the Tiger Balm getting to my brain
I'll miss my writing group tonight.....
I was working on a story about a hoarder....who slowly becomes the junk
...good stuff......
At least the mind still works


  1. Sometimes the price we pay is worth the deeds ~
    but it's much more relaxing when the price doesn't break us.
    Feel better soon.
    Glad you found enjoyment in the garden , and helped a kitty in need ,despite it all

  2. ouch. i hope you back gets better
    and i imagine if you give it time she will forgive you...smiles.

  3. Take care of your back and get well, up and about soon :)

  4. Suz, I hope everyone at your house is on the mend and starts to feel better--Especially YOU!! Take care!!

  5. Oh no!! Sorry to hear about your back :( Rest up and get well SOON!!

  6. Suz, I hope you and Abbey are feeling better soon. Maybe if you give her extra kitty treats she'll forgive you...just don't bend over to give them to her!

    And, thank you so much for your kind words concerning my Georgie.



  7. Gentle sympathy hugs. When our cat's bowl has fewer kibble than he deems correct, he walks through the house mournfully meowing...loudly. :)

  8. UGH on all points.
    Sending better days your way.

  9. Hope the back gets better soon, I didn´t get past the first few pages of that book......

  10. Oh Sue! I'm so sorry. Rest and read...yes, that book is a doozy. I didn't "almost" think I was going to understand or like it until after page ... I don't know, in the 300's somewhere. Well, it's still "almost", only in parts. :( Do read it though; amazing how she could write this, I think.

    Your story sounds very very interesting!

  11. A novella about a woman superior in intellect who is trapped by a back injury in the land of the less brainfull? Despite their brainlessness they can bake wonderful brownies etc and serve all sorts of soothing treats! As you can see my brain has a few glitches now spring might be here!

    Take care of will be forgiven in time!

  12. Suz, who knew that you and I have back problems in common, too? LOL! Seriously, though, Abigail's "mug" is hilarious! And I'm not really a cat person (sorry!). Loved this one! Ice that back and get back into the garden! :)

  13. Yikes -- so sorry about your back. Mine has to be babied -- I've learned to sit down pretty much at the first twinge rather than toughing it out.

  14. Poor, poor kitty. I hope that two weeks out, she is feeling better. How are YOU feeling? Oh my gosh, you must be climbing the walls (not literally, of course). How do the floors look? I can't wait to finish cleaning out my old office so we can get the new hardwoods put down in there! And then onto our bedroom! Looking forward to hearing that you're all on the mend... Donna

  15. from one doer to another,
    I feel your restless pain:/
    Hope your sweet kitty is mending quickly
    and that your back un-spasms
    and the moving is easy soon.
    glad to be sharing this messy road with you,

  16. Abigail may never forgive you... at least until next feeding time. You might bribe her with a small amount of ice cream.
    Hope she ,and your back, is well soon.


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