Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I had a wonderful weekend of blue skies, sweet corn, friends,wonderful naps,and of course looking at the junk store

This beautiful warbler hit the window
and I finally went and held it in my cupped hand 
until it recovered....then placed it in the lilac bush
our spirits communicated

I saw this sign in front of the yarn shop and thought of
all my knit wit blogger friends

This a look at the objects I saw the treasured junk shop

This a photo looking into the window
from the outside

Okay...what did I find?

It's a good thing I purged so much
from my life the last few weeks
opening a place for these
They will stay in Galena with the rest of the pottery
I find on our road trips through Iowa and Wisconsin
Soon it will be Fall Fests
with pumpkins and apples and fresh baked cherry pies
one can hardly keep ones heart quiet


  1. Sounds like you had fun! I always like hearing about your Galena trips.. reminds me of my favorite places..And, I love the bud vases you found :)

  2. I'm wondering if any of those pottery purchases could ever be worth thousands or millions, like on The Antiques Road Show. I am always envious of those people who pick something up for a couple of bucks, bring it in to be appraised, and find out they hit the jack pot. It looks like you have found some wonderful things though. Just having a second home in another town is reward enough! You ARE a lucky duck.

  3. Wonderful items. Love all of it...


  4. nice..i would probably get lost in the junk shop with everything to see....

  5. You have an eye for pottery! And, yes, they will look grant next to your pies and pumpkins decorating your harvest table.

    It's an inspiring post, an ode to collector everywhere.
    I just saw a movie, Everything Is Illuminated, about a boy collecting stuff from his parents and grandparents, and eventually going to Poland to discover the provenance of some objects, back to an old village no longer on the map, where his grandfather came from, escaping just before the Nazi completely destroyed the place.

    Objects connect us across ages and territories.

  6. Oh, lala...nice!
    Looks like lots of fun shopping.
    I love all the beautiful pottery.
    Smiles to you.

  7. What a great junk shop, it looks fantastic. I love your purchases, in particular the chinese figures.

  8. "one can hardly keep one's heart quiet"

    what a wonderful expression, where does it come from? it is surely a translation?

  9. Friko, thank you for your kind is my expression


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