Friday, September 30, 2011


Sometimes things you see
give you thrill
color, form,texture

I spent the day with Finn
We explored his tiny city yard
...and found so much to thrill us
like stones and shells and spiders
no no no he said to the spiders
no touch

While he played with his trains
I observed the fence...
thoughts of writing on my mind
The two images on the fence gave me a chill
not a thrill
one life, one death
You think you can control your writing
maybe that is true for seasoned writers. 

As I type, the writing is going on in my head
and I have a sense that I will go there
But who knows......
only the keyboard does and the mind
I've put the story in a drawer to stew
along with the others
I think I'll go back to something light
like the ghost story's been stewing for months
It should be interesting to see what the characters have been up to while I was absent


  1. so much fun to spend time with kids...cute on his talking to the spiders...ha...

  2. nice pics... and nice thoughts... and an adorable kid...

    have fun sister!


  3. You never really know where and when inspiration will turn up. Keep on keeping on. Write often, and write what's right in front of you. Then, when you least expect it, you will be drawn to that keyboard and the 'poem', or story will unfold, right under your pretty little fingers.

    Trust your gut.
    Everything in your life can turn up on paper when you least expect it.

  4. Having someone as cute as Finn around would be such a distraction for me! Have fun with him!

  5. Finn is adorable! So cute. Give him a hug for me. Enjoy...

  6. Inspiration presents itself at unexpected times. Great photographs and post.Finn looks like a great wee character.

  7. What a cutie he is..and can't wait to see some of your writing completed.


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