Thursday, September 29, 2011


I've been working on a story that takes place at a church carnival.
There are two girls who meet up with their old priest who now sits in a dunk tank.
One girl holds a secret about the old priest and a child.
My writing friend is pushing me to go full out dark...write to the edge
I don't think I want to dwell there, in that darkness
unless I somehow make it supernatural.....unreal
The thought of a child being harmed or murdered or held captive
is bone chilling to me
I know I could write it...but do I want to travel there?

Has anyone stood in such a crossroad in a story they were writing?

Kid jep has never been anything I would want to read
so why this path... that has led me here?
to the greatest of fears
I would like your input..... from readers and writers alike


  1. Oh Suz, wish I have somethng to say. But I would think that I love reading things that would make me think if that scene is real or can be possible?

    Whatever, I know you can do it...

    Best of luck!


  2. I can tell you that reading Lovely Bones was indeed bone-chilling, beautifully written. I say give it the old college try.

  3. go for is can always takea shower after...though it often only helps a bit

  4. If you know that you can write it, then I say do it..

    I remember reading somewhere once that:

    "There are times in your life when you should do something that is going to scare the crap out of you."

    You don't want to think back on this moment and wish that you had done it..

  5. I say if it makes you uncomfortable, don't.

  6. If it's worth pursuing because the truth needs to come to light,yes, you will live in that scene for a while, and be touched and frightened, but that truth will speak loudly and that's what art is.

  7. You can go there because we are all capable of going there. One thing you can control Suz is the fact that you will have control of the outcome. Did you ever read "The Shack"? It had some awful stuff in it but he was able to make a positive statement out of something that happened to a small girl that none of likes to admit we might understand. In the book I am reading regarding the "shadow" it says: When we are busy proteccting ourselves from the demons that lurk in the dark, we miss out on feeling joyful, fulfilled, and deeply connected with those we love. Intent on hiding the darker half of our human nature, we fail to reach our full potential and experience the depth and richness of our lives." Suz...I say trust you inner self. C.G. Jung tells us "that our shadow is the person we would rather not be....if we understand this correctly, we come to the startling and sometimes sobering realization that our shadow is everything that annoys, horrifies, or disgusts us about other people or about ourselves. With that wisdom in had, we begin to see that our shadow is all that we try to hide from those we love and all that we don't want other people to find out about us."

  8. My vote is that you shnould push yourself beyond - way beyond - your comfort zone! What have you got to lose? You can always come back :)

  9. Difficult one Suz, why do you think you have reached this cross roads in your writing? Is it perhaps through exploring this type of story we explore parts of our hidden character which though difficult may enrich us as a person?


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