Wednesday, April 11, 2012

bulldog on leather

oh my
Did I have the day yesterday
and I don't mean a good one.
First of all, a little guy
who shall not be snitched on to his mother-
got Chocolate Easter bunny all over my fine sofa
...then Little Miss spilled a whole glass of milk on my
area rug ...and of course it was the wool one
Then this beloved bull dog, Dutch...had the trots all day
in and and out....barking...stinkies...more barking
out side again.. back inside...good grief
I would have rather been sick
...No more chicken for him
and then this morning....after a rather long night with him
he snuck into the living room and onto my leather chair
...Snoring away like a baby
And did I mention that Handsome, my feral kitty, showed up this morning
only to nearly drop dead at the sight of this Churchill looking menace with the large jowls and big teeth
looking at him on the other side of the patio door?
more barking  :-0
dear me....what a week it has
I love them all and will cry when they leave
I have to admit that my rhythm is all messed up
and I haven't written anything since they arrived
and tonight is my writing group
I will bring them the story of the little girl who sets fire to her house
.....let them comment on that one
..let them see my dark side....hee hee
and when they ask me how my week is going
I 'll just say....wonderful
....I am a writer of fiction after all


  1. haha..i know you are having fun...but yeah it does throw off the rhythm...sounds like quite the day yesterday...smiles

  2. Hello Suz:
    But, life we always think is far stranger than fiction......and yours seems to prove the point perfectly!!!!

  3. Oh, plenty here to fuel any fiction plot!

  4. Replies
    1. oh dear....ow do you do it with all those canines?
      I am exhausted with one
      maybe it's the kids though?

  5. Just think of all that material you have now for future writings, the children, the dog, the cat and the Grandmother...............

  6. Replies
    1. oh my...I am trying to read the blogs while someone is tugging on my sleeve.....gotta go
      Imiss you too Wrinks when you don't post..I wonder what you are doing and feeling

  7. You'll need a vacation once everyone has cleared out!

    Don't forget to breathe, dearest Suz.


    1. breathe...oh yes...and I am planning on running away

  8. Oh my what a week, but one you wouldn't change I'm for that dog, as a hug dog lover I think that he is a stunner, I hope he gets over his upset tummy..

    Have a great weekend.xx

    1. oh ..and I haven't mentioned the half of it...
      and yes, Dutch is a dear one....
      I will miss him
      even though he has taken out half of my garden

  9. I dont know if i am to laugh or cry... I love pets but i love when things are organized too... Love this... Just gave me a view of what happened...

    Have a great weekend sis!..


  10. Lordy Lordy! I can see why your apple cart is upset! My dog Griff and chicken are not allowed in the same room as, well, sounds like you know what it can do! Keep the faith!!

  11. I'm hanging in there's the kids that are wearing me out!


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