Friday, April 20, 2012

AH..if only it were that easy
This garden frog is getting  more meditation than I am
and don't even ask me about exercise or yoga
ha! except maybe if washing kids, dishes,and laundry counts
or taking the dog out
or wiping up spills, picking up toys
reading the same books over and over again
being a short order keep peace
I am getting into a routine now....but it has nothing to do with
dressing nice, wearing nice shoes, going out to lunch with my girlfriends
or husband...or writing
or even watching mind-numbing TV..which I have been known to do
In fact...I was horrified yesterday...when I had the chance to run a few errands by myself
and I glanced in the cleaner's mirror and saw that I hadn't even put makeup on
or earrings......good lord.....and I looked about 92
How did I ever do it?
True, I am exhausted, but it has been a time of true bonding with the little ones
...and just as I am adjusting
they will be leaving
I am even going to miss the stubborn, but adorable, Bull dog Dutch
but it will be nice to have a cup of coffee and be able to drink the whole cup


  1. aww...i know despite it all it will be a sad def teach us what is truly important eh?

    1. It's easier doing it the first time in your own
      we oldsters don't have the steam
      I am pooped...but happy

  2. Just love your musings! You hit the nail on the head with being exhausted and letting vanity go....Thank you for the kind note. I haven't blogged for a while. Been going through a dark spot. Your poems will help. Thanks, Jen

    1. oh no darkspot.....keep blogging Jen

  3. Sounds like some "Me Time" is in your near future!

    1. no Rick....alot of me time hee hee

  4. When the kids are here for any length of time I wonder how I ever got anything accomplished when my own were that age!
    Yes, a whole cup of coffee, still hot, will be nice, but oh how we miss them.

  5. Wonderful having your grandchildren, equally wonderful getting your life back waiting patiently with love until the next time. And your not being able to meditate reminded me on the old Taoist? philosophy/expression:-

    Before enlightenment, chopping wood, carrying water.
    After enlightenment, chopping wood, carrying water.

    The essentials always need to be done especially when you´ve got grandchildren staying! :)

    1. oh that is one of my favorites
      but it doesn't say... wash clothes,wipe butts
      wipe butts, wash clothes.....does it?

  6. I'm so glad for you that you've had them with you and gotten closer through this visit, but I will be selfishly glad to have you back and your poems and your musings, etc.

    1. oh.......!...that is so sweet Liv.....I will be glad to back too.......

  7. enjoy the whole cup, and what sounds like wonderful memories from small visitors!

  8. Oh boy! I know that feeling! I'm going to be looking after my 5 nieces and nephews for a week so I will be in your shoes soon enough!
    RE: lilies...according to Wikipedia...
    Erythronium (fawn-lily, trout-lily, dog's-tooth violet, adder's-tongue) is a genus of 20-30 species of spring-flowering perennial plants with long, tooth-like bulbs and attractive pendant flowers, native to forest and meadow in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

  9. uh...I guess that is a're I know if I ask you a question...I'll get an answer....:)
    and about the week with 5 little rugrats......gird yourself woman

  10. a few facts of life here.

    Suz, you and me and no doubt, a million other women, are in the same leaky boat.
    Keep paddling!

  11. family, i dont know but when i am not with them esp in an extended period of time seems like too much, but without them on my sight, i get so sad... huh!

    hope you are having a quiet time alone now sis!



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