Saturday, April 14, 2012

My husband thought he could sneak into the den
for some peace and quiet last night,
but what he didn't know was that Dutch sought the same thing
so they both watched the news together, then fell asleep
But it turned out he got the better deal.....
My family went into the city last night to stay in a hotel
across from the Lincoln Park Zoo......they were to meet up with some friends.
Leave the dog...I said......
Well about midnight.....Dutch barked loudly
So Grandma put on her robe and slippers and took him out into the yard
where he happily ran through all my flower beds
and to make it was drizzling....don't they have drizzle in Southern California?
Good golly the beast was so happy
Have you ever tried to move a bull dog that doesn't want to move?
Finally I got him ....gave him a bit of chicken in his dry food
and I went to bed....only to be awoken again around 1:30 by a sad barking
a lonely barking....
Have I told you I'm a sucker for kids and animals?
Well I left the comfort of my bed and went to sleep in the guest room
with the Dutch.....he grabbed  Reagan's new Easter bunny and slept away
until 2:30......he wanted up on the bed....wouldn't stop barking
until I lifted ...hoisted....good golly how did I move solid muscle like him in the wee hours?
But I did...and he slept at the foot of the bed until 5:30
I pretended not to hear him....boy am I dumb
he barked until I petted him to death and then he settled down until 6:45!
They called this morning....they are going to stay another night
 or two


  1. What a night it was... U deserve a good saturday treat sis!..


  2. aren't are we going?

  3. oh taking care of a baby...i love the looks of that pup though...all wrinkly haha

  4. Oh, the joys of dog sitting. He really gave you a run for the money didn't he. I think that he was missing his family big time.
    What a cute dog he is though, and that picture.. priceless.

  5. Oh Suz, you do have a heart of gold. You really do.


  6. He sounds like a handful but he is SO CUTE!

  7. That is such a great story Suz, you are just a wee loving softy! :)

  8. You will miss the drooling, trotting, happy little beast when he goes home.

  9. Wrinkles, I sure will.....but my kitties are barely hoding in there...and I miss them walking around...they are huddled upstairs in my bedroom

  10. It's a good thing he's so darn cute!! But he really is just like a little kid, isn't he?

  11. ohhhh, that was so cute. I am a total sucker for a dog. And this one could wrap me around his little paw. You are a good doggie-grandma :)

  12. Oh I wouldn't like to move a bull dog who doesn't want to move! :D

  13. Are you sure you will survive?

  14. I've probably enjoyed reading this saga of dog care a lot more than you have enjoyed living it... thanks for writing it. Deep breath...this too shall pass.


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