Thursday, February 23, 2012

I never aspired to much
except to being a good human being of faith,
a good mother, wife
I took life as it came
and sometimes it was hard
but I kept aspiring
Love, my constant fuel
to get through some dark times

Later in life I discovered
I had a creative side...more than just
making the home a comforting, welcoming place to come place to
I called it sanctuary
and more than just providing nourishing meals for my brood
more than any of that
I rolled in creativity like a dog in muddy grass
a cat in catnip
rolled and rolled and rolled
I never aspired to anything else here either
just added a few more things to do to be happy

But low and behold
One day I became a grandmother
and everything changed
is what I aspire to excell in
grandmother hood....
I have found the land where I belong
and sadly, this land has its sorrow too
But I take life as it comes...
with an attitude of grace and love
and trust that God leads me
and does not fail me

Feeling low and sad lately
in my land where I belong
I got Skyped by a little smiling face last night
"Grandma! we're coming!...for 3 weeks!
and we're bringing Dutchie!
Dutch is the bulldog above...hee hee
What and when will I tell the kitties?

I needed this sunshine
and He was faithful to provide get ready
they are coming March 31!


  1. So happy for you Suz.
    I think I understand what you are saying about the good and bad. We can't control a lot of things... but we can choose to love.
    Enjoy every moment of their visit. It's so tiring and we couldn't have grandchildren on a full time basis, but we can "choose to love" and in doing this we are given extra energy to get us through. It's a little miracle that makes a big difference.
    Take care.

  2. you are so kind and wise and loving Farmlady...
    one grandma to another...thank you

  3. You remind me of my sister, a very happy and wonderful Granmdmother who just loves her Grandchildren soi much. I am sure you are counting the moments with great anticipation Suz. Good luck with the kitties! :)

  4. John I delight in this unique wonderful relationship
    so needed by wee have grandparents
    Little eyes and ears that are all yours :)

  5. Ow sister suz, guess we love eachnother because we are both simple humans trying to be good. And i know with your faith you will surpass all the sorrows and sadness. And HE will answer your prayers. My prayers are with you and your family. My pove ones are my strength and inspiration.

    God bless! Take care! Have fun with them...


    1. I know this brother Jj
      about you...knew it from the beginning
      and thank you for your prayers- hug

  6. woohoo! i know that is def exciting...and glad that call came right in the nick of how it happens like has plenty of ups and downs...and sometimes we just have to roll with it...but grandkids help...smiles....

    1. woo hoo indeed Brian
      I can feel their little arms around me already
      and the slobber of Dutch
      What will I do about Boo
      He's never seen a dog ;)

  7. Oh yes! You'll be full of stuff to do, and listen to, and create. You'll worry about everything and everyone.
    Know that all will adjust to a rhythm in a few hours' time. My kitty runs and hides for hours when there are strangers in the house. When my daughter and her dog visited at Christmas, I had to arrange a separate wing, exit and entrance, eating and relieving for a kitty that didn't want to come out at all.

    Three weeks? Ah, you'll have to let everything just go, and not worry.

    1. oh you make me laugh...and so it shall be Rosaria...
      the kitties will all be under my bed...except Boo..he will have to see what a dog is

  8. such happiness! Two angel children and a dog named Dutchie ...bliss!

    1. Jody,they are...and themost adorable obnozious bulldog ever..and since they moved to California...I never get to see him
      but wait till Boo sees him....he's never seen a dog...oh dear

  9. Suz, I aspire to that too. All else stripped away, what is more important. Have a great visit. I am happy for you.


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