Friday, February 3, 2012

lonely evening walk
water vapor condenses
evening clouds of thought

Oh, how I love foggy nights
Last night before turning in, I glanced out of the bedroom window
and there it was....that mysterious atmosphere
 light and fog mingling like a magic show
If it hadn't been so late I might have put on my shoes and walked in it
enter a world often ignored or feared
I remember being afraid of it when I was small
expecting Dracula or the werewolf or Frankenstein
to appear
And it can be horrific to drive in it....just think about the horror in Florida this past week

But have you ever walked a city street
 surrounded by it?
It has an exciting still quiet about it

I could walk for miles

 this wonderful photo from google images
 by Daniel Seguin..Stranger in the fog


  1. Fog does have a serenity about it. Suz, this haiku is especially good! You have a natural ability to say, not just so much, but just the right sentiments in few words. This piece is one of my favorites!

  2. fog makes everything so mysterious and magical...i like fog too...great pic to go with this too...

    1. I loved this photo
      ...and checked out the photographer..he is interesting...a man of thought too

  3. It's like noticing a harvest moon
    precious precious moments of enlightenment
    compression is the gold of poetry
    thanks....but I may get back to learning traditional haiku
    I love nature so much

  4. Beautiful Suz, for me it is a bit surreal walking in the fog, although it is years since I have done so as they never seem to have it here in Tenerife

    1. Ha ha...they don't have fog on your island?
      but I bet Scotland does! It is a marvelous experience isn't it?
      next time I will put on my shoes and walk around...

  5. That is a glorious (and slightly spooky) photo.

    1. Oh the photo artist is rather fascinating....
      right up my alley.....words with photos
      and i tis eerie but fabulous

  6. Lovely -- our fog, however, tends to show up in the morning. And I loved your post about ironing.

  7. thanks Vicki....morning fog is wonderful, too, but not as mysterious

    Well, that makes one more ironers!

  8. I love the fog too, got caught in it recently at the beach and felt like I was in a cacoon, magical.
    Love the haiku and the picture is fabulous!!

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  10. What a beautiful, luring photograph! I love the fog---as long as I'm NOT in a vehicle.


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