Thursday, November 20, 2014

I got two
one last cried all night for its mom
an eerie sad call
My husband, of all people went downstairs and held it for twenty minutes
holding it and comforting he thinks he's the cat whisperer
Early this morning I put out another trap
and phew the kittens came flying out of the igloo on the deck..ha ha
they are smart ones afterall...there's a warm pad in there
I put the trap out and bam I got one right away
I have trapped the two small females....hmmm
I picked up Henry Ralph and Fiona this morning
they are resting in a large dog crate.....cost me big bucks here
Now there are 3 traps outside
it is cold but sunny...and when I got back from the clinic
the three remaining kittens were running up and down my horsechestnut tree
I tell you....this has been the hardest thing for me to do...trap an animal
I am a wreck
but I have succeeded thus far
rescuing two adult cats from continuous kittens and hunger, disease, and injury 
and kittens who were doomed to have maybe an even harder life
through no fault of their own....dumb people who value nothing
OH....I got another one
bye! !!!!


  1. So inspiring Suz, the exact opposite of those who do not care.

  2. Suz, you are so sweet !
    I think those cuties found you to take care of them ...
    Have a nice evening,

  3. Ralph..Fiona.....humnn. I love the fact your husband took the time to care and hold. I think its such a good feeling to comfort a scared critter! You can sure see you have cared for these little scraps of kittenhood.

  4. Beautiful! Love the names; good for Art (see - it's rubbing off on him). I can just feel the softness of their fur. Running up and down your tree! ha! You're going to need a vacation after this!

  5. How sweet. These kittens remind me of the kittens someone dumped out on our road a couple of months ago. It was so pitiful.


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