Monday, November 10, 2014

yep,those be kittens

good golly
why me?
I thought she just looked Prego... then not
She continued to come around 3 times a day ...ravenous
but no kittens
until yesterday
when I looked out and saw four
then later the black cat escorted a little orange one over
from my neighbors deck
so far 5 little felines
Oh dear and winter is just around the corner
I am now in contact with the local feral cat rescue
I don't like to do it but I have to save the babies
and then I will take on caring for the two adults
who will be neutered
such a thing...I have to pay for all of this
good thing I have a wonderful husband who cares about animals
and me and my heart
The little gray one with two white toes on his back feet and one white toe on his front paw
has stolen my heart.....
But I have order in my house
and bringing in another one would possibly cause chaos
Remember that all the cats I have..3...
are rescued
and I had 3 summers of finding kittens homes
you run out of kind friends
And remember my beloved Handsome who I took care of for 10 years
and Beautiful ...and so many other wayward felines and two dogs
My family is coming for Thanksgiving from California
and I have to help my mother take her driver's test and some medical tests
and my daughter is sick and could use my help with Walter
heavens to Betsy......
and I am leading my book club discussion on Labor Day by Joyce Maynard
on Friday's all about love


  1. How kind you are. I like the gray ones. I had a gray one named Ollie. She was a great cat.
    Sounds like you will be having a happy Thanksgiving. : )

  2. Oh, life...there is always, always someone or something that kind hearted folks can feel tugged by. You are a gem, Suz, to feel such compassion for all the beings that cross your path. It is indeed, all about love. xo

  3. It is very difficult with a loving heart seeing those little faces Suz, however you can only do what you can do. The cat and dog rescue places are a godsend too!

  4. I had two brother lived 17 years, the other 18. They've been gone now for over 6 years, and I still miss them!

  5. There is such goodness in this world and so much of it is missed because it is quietly done with love and a heart the size of Texas. I'm pointing at you Suz when I say that!

  6. I forgot about your babies! They are so cute that I'm glad we are many states from one another! I couldn't stand to see them outside like that and I so empathize with you. Your line about running out of friends made me laugh! God Bless you, Suz. There's a special place in heaven for animal rescuers! xxx

  7. Oh my, they are the cutest things. I can feel their softness... I will put my "thinking cap" on so maybe think of someone... And you did a wonderful; yes, love-filled job of leading the book club discussion. Hugs.

  8. Oh my! Blessings on you and your animal-loving husband.for caring for the least of these.

  9. What sweet, sweet babies. You have a kind heart.


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