Friday, November 21, 2014


You can't imagine how exhausted I am
dead tired
but I got him...the last hold out
who sob sob spent the frigid night outside all by himself
I would tell you about the comedy routine it was watching the last two
try and get the food out of the trap without going inside
ha!...don't they know the trap maker figured that one out
but it was pure giggles watching it
Finally the little gray one just had to go in....snap!
I got him right away...but that sent the big one I call
Joey white toes
sent him under the deck
...until this morning
when he finally came out from under the deck
and he too let his hunger get the best of him
and believe me...he wasn't the last one trapped for nothing
what a toughie....I really had my hands full with that little guy
and scratches to prove it
but all is calm for now
they're eating, sleeping playing
and watching tv
Mom and dad....Fiona and Ralphie
are safe downstairs recuperating
and now to get ready for daughter in law and the kids to arrive tonight
..I told you I'm exhausted
thanks for listening
I'm sorry I've bored you about my troubles
..because I know most people don't care for cats
....but maybe you care about me
so thanks


  1. Some of us care for cats. Well done. I hope they all turn out fine for you and you can find homes for the ones you can't keep.

    1. ha ha I can't keep any of them except for the 2 adult ones that will be released as ferals that are cared for.....they are now in my basement and hiding but doing quite well....using the box!

  2. Catching up on your blog and see what you've been going through with these little ones. I so admire you for not giving up and trapping those little cuties!!! I remember a few years ago trying to catch a dog in a trap, we finally did, and I know that feeling of "VICTORY!!!" and relief when you do. How lucky they are to have you worry about them, and caring for them too!!!

    1. oh I hope I never have to do this again..I was as terrified as the kitties

  3. Well, I'm a cat person! You keeping them??

    1. 7? no I don't think so ha ha But I am getting them used to noise and touching and using the box
      then they will be adopted out

  4. Whew! We like cats too...and I have always enjoyed my barn cats over the years. Our pampered feline sleeps by the heater. Are you keeping any? It is so good they will be spayed and not have more kittens. It is such a simple thing. Rest up and take care...all our best.....

    Fiona and Ralph!

    1. I will do my best to take care of Fiona and Ralphie
      I hope the kittens can be adopted....working on them

  5. What a girl Suz, all heart. Hope all goes well with the kitties and the family!

    1. Oh John you are my best buddy cheerleader Thank You

  6. Brava! I care about you and I care about cats and I care about you even more because you care about cats!

  7. You are a magnificent earth mother! xox

  8. Wonderful story; wonderful ending...enjoyed every minute of it. Now I know you'll enjoy your family...

  9. Oh, what a big heart you have! I'm glad you visited my blog. I now want to read all of yours. I love people who love cats and kittens and animals. :) Thank you!

  10. You are paving your way to heaven, girl. Now, go take a nap. Animals are here as a gift and a reflection of our compassion. You have taken the lead. Bless your heart.

  11. Nice that you were able to catch them safe and sound and get them into the warmth

  12. Suz, bless you and your big heart. I know how hard it is to trap ferals, and I would have been an utter and complete wreck when the very last little kitten spent the night outside alone. I'm so HAPPY you rescued all of them!

    Many, many blessings to you,



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