Saturday, November 29, 2014

and then there were 4

Early Thanksgiving morning, while it was still dark
while we were hurrying to leave the house to head to our home in Galena
I found a precious kitten had passed away during the night
I cried so hard
We called him Artful Dodger...Artie for short
Rest in peace little one....
life is so unfair

where we are born
to whom we are born
the worth of our birth
so random
But Little kitty, you were loved by me
and for this I can take comfort


  1. Oh Suz, I am so very, very sorry. As sad as this little one's passing is, please continue to find comfort in knowing that he left this life in the warmth and safety of your home, and that someone who cared about him.

  2. thank you Kim
    this means a lot coming from one who loves animals too
    and has shed many tears for their short lives sometimes
    but yes we did our best to make their lives better

  3. Oh Sue, I'm so sorry; I know your heart is broken. He was a little weak one...but he's meowing and hopping around up in the blue beyond. hugs.....

  4. I too am so sorry. I know how much you love all the kitties.
    He sure was a cute little guy.

  5. His short life was blessed by landing in your circle of care. xo

  6. Hugs. His short life was made better by meeting you.

  7. Suz, I'm so sorry. (((((((((((((((( Suz )))))))))))))))))



  8. Such a cutie Suz, it is heartbreaking, however the little one knew love for a little while.

  9. I'm so sorry -- but the kitty had food and shelter and love . . . thank you for caring for these little ones

  10. Oh is hard to loose even the tiniest life. I think that to truly appreciate every moment the spark is there is to really understand the value of that spark! Bless you girl and bless the spirit of Artie!


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