Tuesday, December 2, 2014

a still house, a stirring heart

They have all left now
There are still dishes to wash
towels to be picked up
sheets to change
...toys and books to be put away
The silence of the house was closing in on me
in an odd way
So what did I do
I put on Josh Groban's Christmas CD
tears started to fall....good tears
How I love my family
and how much do I love them all together
a neat trick if you can do it
It is Finn's 5th birthday today
we are going to CHOO CHOO Johnny's
Where our meal is delivered by a little train
how fun is that?
Then off to Build a Bear...heh, that's what he wants
Then later they will be off to the Bulls game with Grandpa
Grandpa......I have hardly ever talked much about him
Let me tell you
I am married to the kindest, generous loving man on earth
He'd have to be ...to let me keep 7 new cats in the house....
they are all doing well
But the day is coming soon when I will have to let go of the precious kittens
all of whom I have let into my heart
....but we must love
and we sometimes must let go
Just like waving at the suv pulling away from my driveway
my grandchildren crying in the back seat and waving goodbye
Our hearts heal...but they never close..at least not mine
Life and love go on
as it should
But for today I will be a bit sad
the house so quiet now


  1. Law, mercy me, as my Grannie Snyder used to say, now I'm in tears with you :0
    8 n e w kittens??? ;)

  2. You've brought a tear to my eyes too. All my grandchildren are about grown now, but you reminded me of my little Madison. They were packed and ready to leave going home after a visit. Madison looked at me with big tears in her eyes and said, get in the car, please grandma. Oh my.

  3. Such a lovely post -- so full of love. Blessings to you, Suz, and to your husband too.

  4. The true treasure in life is Love Suz and you are fabulously wealthy!

  5. My eyes welled up a bit at the thoughts. Christmas music helps.

  6. Yes...you have us all teary. What a beautiful little holiday story. Just love you...


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