Thursday, December 11, 2014

whose house is this?

This has been harder than I thought.
I have spent time on the internet researching this topic
and I have found a lot of helpful info 
But to be's a heap of work
We are working on getting them to be dependent on us for feeding
moving the bowl closer and closer each time with us sitting on the floor in front of the bowls
got past that
we have to get them to eat off of our food...chicken
they love it
This morning I came down and I found my husband feeding three of them
out of the jar....
They  have escaped out of the study and are running around the house...they sound like wild horses..
but a good thing is .....noise and the other cats don't seem to frighten them
Now the hardest step....touching them
So far I have touched two.....cornered them in the closet
I held them tight to me and talked to them
they calmed down and let me hold them....
no bursting heart hissing no biting or scratching
But boy were they happy to be let down
Hank the tank and Mr Grumbles are still to be touched and held
But boy...I needed this job like a hole in the head
The parents have forgiven me and are showing up twice a day to be fed and are using the heated house outside on the deck
....not the ideal life for  beautiful cats but it works for them
My Boo, Ms.Kitty O'Shea and Abigail seem to get along with them just fine
I think it is good for them to have adult cats to mentor them
I wish


  1. How cute! Kittens everywhere! It really is a job. There have been so many kittens dumped out on our dirt path. I am now raising the fourth rescued kitten. Same with two of our neighbors. Poor little animals. You're doing a great job. Thank you!

  2. Ralph and I worry about the three adult feral cats who lurk in the brush behind our house. Ralph has pushed another batch of old clothes under the storage shed and we see them go under there late in the day and this morning "Red" the oldest one who I think is 4 came out looking pretty happy, he yawned and stretched and wandered off. It looks like our land has sold so now we will be moving sometime this winter, we hope the neighbor girl will keep an eye out for them.
    You really are a wonder! Giving, even to small furry critters is a sign of a marvelous soul!

  3. we once had the cutest little feral kittens....but we could not coax them near to us. They would get out of the house and we had to leave the door open so they would come in. We had to catch them up and bring them to the SPCA. I hope they found a nice place for them because they were beautiful.

  4. I know it may not seem like you're making much progress, but from where I'm sitting, it's easy to see that you are. I know your dedication to these precious little ones will all pay off when they show you that they trust the human race because of what you've done and are doing for them.

  5. You are doing a great job! My kittehs have never liked being picked up. They will sleep next to or on me but it has to be their choice.

  6. Great picture of the kits on the stairs!

  7. You are a wonderful person for doing all this. They must be a real handful, but they will reward you with love and cuteness in the end.

  8. Oh Sue! Oh my gosh! They're are Ms.Darling (or something like that). Bless your heart.

  9. Hi Sue - you sure do have your hands full. I did some fostering of kittens and their mom 3 years ago and mom (Annie) and one kitten (Audrey) never left. haha! I'm a bit of a softie. Love them to pieces. You may have to try to separate them when you are wanting to socialize them. They depend on each other so much and can pick up fear easily from one another. I think I would work on one at a time, separating it from the others and putting it in a room where you are spending time. This type of thing takes a lot of patience but it is so worth it if you want to adopt them out. They are such cuties. Deb


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