Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I made a promise to myself that I will fully embrace
the coming seasons...no regret...no looking back...no longing held onto
I will jump right in and enjoy the things of THIS season
and her in Illinois we are lucky to have seasons.....in their entirety
My son prefers mild changes in season....like tis a bit chilly to sunbathe on the deck today
My husband and I were talking last night about how as children we experienced the seasons so much more,
why was that?
It was tactile. We walked everywhere.
Even when it rained....which it did often in spring...but we splashed in puddles and carried our little umbrellas while observing  bushes on our way... open up with fragrant flowers..more beautiful each day...and  birds singing in the trees.... and longer days of daylight
And I loved it when the sparrows gathered in a nicely clipped bush chattering away building condo nests...a heavenly sound to my little ears
 In summer we sweated in the hot sun playing outside...we got dirty....we cooled off with the hose and lemonade
we chased around and climbed trees and waded through creeks..we got wet in the lake and had sand in our toes....
In Fall we raked leaves and jumped in piles of them...we inhaled the wonderful smell of them burning...
We had to put on wonderful warm sweaters and ate homemade soup....walking home from school was a delight for the  senses.....brilliant colors of crimson and gold leaves twirled around us as we made our way home.... thoughts of the upcoming day of endless candy...what would we be?....a princess, a cowboy, a hobo,a ghost,a witch,....Dracula?...whichever one it was it was homemade. And going to Lutheran school we were directed to the historical facts of the Reformation
95 thesis nailed to the church door
 scripture,faith and grace alone
A Mighty Fortress is our God sung over and over
endless rehearsals for Reformation  service
I look back on that part of fall fondly....shocks many people that I do
I never experienced church as oppressive
only joyful....though it did interfere with candy begging on the 31st of October
But that is another topic.....I only wish to express how much season played a part
 in my life as a child

I think I'll take a long walk today
observe the season as it unfolds before me
It is going to be warm and sunny today
but the leaves have quickly turned colors and are already falling
the geese are forming v patterns above and are honking
the robins are quickly bathing for their long trip
and eating a lot of berries.....the hawk has returned to the garden
and the yard birds are waiting outside my window begging for a nash
in the feeders
I better get out there
soon there will be other things
of another season...and I don't want to miss any of it


  1. o i love this...

    back home, we only have two seasons, the wet and dry. and I learned how to make fun and enjoy it.

    now that I am here in Canada, I am lucky to enjoy the four seasons. and merely here for 15 months now, I was able to figure out what activities to do every season. Every three months is a delightful thought for me. I came over on summer of 2010 so the summer was the start of it for me, enjoyed visiting places, travel a little, camp and party. this fall, slowing down with so much fun and I only have another visit to my cousin and friend in New York City and off to start hibernating in Winter (my gain weight season, as I need it). then see what will happen for me for spring.

    I just love every minute, hour and day of every season. Anyway, I believe it's not the kid of weather which will give us happiness, it is what we wanna do and who to do it with that would make us happy.

    take care sister! as much as you love reading me, I am enjoying your posts too. they are giving me pointers to make life better & fun for me. Thanks!


  2. Beautifully wistful, so many similar memories to my childhood too!

  3. I'm trying hard to embrace the seasons too. It's harder in winter for me - especially because I grew up in NC where the winters were much more mild than here in Ohio. I love snow, I really do - I just don't love having to wear hats & coats & gloves :)

  4. Ah Suz I love this post! It brings back so many childhoold memories.. And I agree, seasons are more distinct as a child..

    I think first and foremost, I spent way more time outside.. playing and walking to and from the bus-stop. Nowadays, it seems as if I'm driving from garage to parking garage, rarely exposing myself to the elements. I also think as children we live so much more in the moment..

    Today however, is a beautiful day and I plan to seize the moment, get outside and enjoy it! :)

  5. Oh, I love the seasons. You have given glorious voice to the reasons why. Its our rhythm,our internal clock.

    The change of season reminds us of who we were the last time the season changed, and the time before that, and the time before that.

  6. I don't see children outside playing or walking to school. It seems to be organized play dates, activities and trips in the car...I wonder if children are allowed to walk or ride their bikes in big wet puddles...come home soaked and take a warm bath...sweet memories!

  7. Full throttle ahead!
    Children don't get to explore as much on their own these days. We tend to schedule them, overprotect them, and keep after them to stay on our schedule.
    Yes, I can remember full seasons of play time outdoors with friends, enjoying every bit of every day.

  8. I enjoyed your post, it seems like a good resolution, to fully embrace each season and to find joy in what they bring. Better than complaining!

  9. Hi my friend! I loved this, my sentiments exactly. I am going to decorate pumpkins, make chutney, decorate wrapping paper, send out cards....at least those are my plans. Your church experience wasn't oppressive because you got it! You lived in the spiritual moment...just like how you're going to live in this season! Oh, happy, happy! XOXO Connie

  10. I love this write! You captured it all!

  11. This season is my favorite. BY A LOT!! Such joy to be found right there under our feet, in the air, everywhere. Such pleasure.

  12. Oh season schmeason. Monday it was 90 degrees and we were roasting. Today it dropped so low IT SNOWED!

    Carry on :)

  13. Red..I love you...truly I do
    you are my favorite carwencheon

  14. This post is a beauty Suz..the seasons..their beauty..and yes you are right being tactile and observant is what makes them beautiful.

  15. Catching up with your posts, Suz, and they're all delightful (I must see THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA sometime) but this one is a real treasure. So good to remind us of the joys we may have forgotten.


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