Monday, October 10, 2011

Are You Talkin' to Me?

Magpietale #86


When I awoke the room was illuminated by the harsh light of the overhead fixture dangling above the table in my one room cold water flat. A third floor cold water flat. I was still here. How could this be? I had eaten an entire king-sized bag of Gummy Bears...surely this should have been enough to end my misery, my pitiful existence.
But low and behold, on my kitchen table,on my folded New York Times, stood a tiny plump king with a royal red velvet robe and scepter that he held behind his back.
"Are you quite finished now,trying to off yourself with Gummy Bears?" I heard him ask.
I rubbed my eyes in disbelief and blinked to make sure that he was still there and not a remnant of my fractured mind. "Are you talkin' to me?" I stammered.
He motioned with the finger on his right finger while still holding the scepter in his left. First, he pointed to his chest,then he pointed two fingers to his eyes,and finally he pointed one finger right back to me.
"I'm watching you. Now, I want you to drink of this cup of hot coco. Do you know what you would have missed if you were successful at offing yourself?"
"No," I said sipping from the cup.
"Here,"put on these bunny slippers, your feet must be cold from all that sugar."
"Sure," I said,slipping them over my Batman socks. "What would I have missed?" I continued asking while blowing on my cup of hot coco.
"The end of the world."
I just sat there and looked at this tiny despot standing on my newspaper. "Oh, that's funny," I said, then flicked the little guy off of my newspaper and into the black void of the room. Suddenly,everything went into total darkness and images of my life flashed before me like lightening strikes.In the distance I could hear a howl ever increasing in decibels...coming from all corners of  my flat. Everything turned upside down and furniture slammed to the ground and I knew not up from down.
"Little King,Little me!" I yelled into the abyss surrounding me.
"Are you ready to grow up? That is the price."
"Yes,yes, I'll grow up."
"No more gummy Bears to push down the pain?"
"No,no more Gummy Bears, I promise."
"Okay then,follow me...and a brilliant light opened up and I felt myself rising and dipping in waves of blue and I slipped under them, and as they separated,I tumbled over and over until I landed in a garden,naked as a jaybird and some guy leaned over me and breathed into my nostrils the breath of life ....and I became a living soul.


  1. oh wow a fantastical voyage...kinda freaky...i like it..smiles.

  2. another wonderful post... :-)


  3. Wow! I guess I better avoid the gummy bears. That was like straight out of the 60's Man... like scary.

  4. ha farmlady...I'm straight out of the early 60's

  5. ... an enchanting Magpie Tale

  6. It's time to talk of gummy bears and kings...a delightful voyage!

  7. This was really really fun, even though there was a serious streak at the end. But are you sure those Gummy Bears were laced with just lots of sugar?? I mean, really, nothing else!!?? :)


  8. A wonderful story about the little king!

  9. I have really enjoyed reading the development of everyone's "king." This is very imaginary and thoughtfully done. I got a real kick out of the gummy bears.

  10. Sure couldn't tell where you were going with this one. I don't like gummy bears.

  11. wow Suz, what an original and fantastic response to the prompt.
    do we really have to give up on the bears though?

  12. very cool journey
    ...thanks for taking us
    (I think I may have tried
    to off myself with red and green
    gumdrops one long ago Christmas.
    Yes, and there were the little
    pastel hearts stamped with weary
    words that one Valentine's Day,
    Your writing mesmerizes me,

  13. hello Jennifer, I was only inspired by the artist, Sowa..his work is different and wonderful....I love it
    I hope I did him a bit of justice

  14. I'm afraid that sort of nightmare always happens to me too when I've eaten too many Gummy Bears. Addictive, aren't they?

  15. Up to here fantastic. "No more gummy Bears to push down the pain?"
    "No,no more Gummy Bears, I promise."
    Then I wanted to change the ending to something like;
    "Ok then, where's the scotch?"

  16. ha ha that would have been a great ending!

  17. MAN!! You can WRITE, girlfriend!


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